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Feb 25, 2007

Maa Inti Vanta... (Food of our house :)))

A lazy Sunday heavy fruity breakfast..

A late meal of just the Vangibath preapred with instant mix and some curd.. (may sound wierd at times but both me and S like curd with rice items most of the times).

And the dessert was Rasmalai.. one good thing about being in US is try it out on your own stuff never in India would I have dreamed to prepare anything like this even with the Ready-Mix stuff. The ready availability of everything makes us less appreciative of things handy is what I have noticed...

Anyways, good for me to keep myself occupied..


Aysha said...

Where is the Dinner ?!?!?
Dinner mein kya hai ?!?!?

Kalpana said...

Very true. Cooking becomes easy over there.

Sush said...

aysha.. leftovers ;)

Sush said...

caps.. no other choice

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