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Feb 25, 2007

Orkut or Wlid Fire..

Almost a year and a half to two years ago when my brother introduced Orkut, the friends community or whatever to me, I was like WHAT??? what is that, how reliable is it? there is no privacy any longer.. quack, quack, quack!!!!

I think since then orkut has come a long long way or rather the younger generation in India has come a long way. As it is, Internet is making world a much smaller place and this one is making it tinier.. just spending an hour or so digging through the profiles deeper into the network, it is really amazing when you start discovering how many people you have known through the years surface. It really is an excellent tool to keep in touch with a lot of our friends, relatives, acquaintances who otherwise would have been in the long-lost memories list..

I found my friends, colleagues, relatives, my school community, childhood playmates, celebrities, teachers, blog friends, friend's friends.. phew!! that leaves me wondering whoz left????

I kind of had a mini shock when a friend of ours told me that each time a friend of his gets a wedding proposal, he orkuts the girl's name and tries to get to know about that person's nature and personality.. well nice medium to catch the person unawares.. it is just another source of enquiring about the life partner but it sure gave me a chill across my spine once thinking about the possible ways of abuse... Beware girls and guys!!!! Wait a minute!!! am I getting too old and conservative... maybe :).

This one is so addictive, believe me knowing fully the implications like lack of privacy, public profile, your world being an open book to strangers across the globe, etc. etc., you just continue to explore it.. when I begin to think about the negative possibilities, it scares me but the postive side entices me. Like they say.. You like hate it, you hate it, but you cannot ignore it.

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