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Feb 26, 2007

Oscars and my Bro.. :)

Well thatz quite a title to choose, but apt from my point of view, 'cos he is the one who intoduced me to most of things in life :).. yo, this one included.. I was never a part of Oscar speculation or worse even a viewer but his enthusiasm kept me interested in them.. He was the one who used to update me on everything after the show and this time it was S' turn to do so.. boy!! I am lucky (touchwood). For those interested have a LOOK.

In fact my bro makes pretty accurate predictions as to which movie is going to find a place in the nominee list just after watching it and amazingly enough, it does!!!!! (picture my eyes popping here).. with a CPI of some goddamn 9+ in Mtech from IIT, his current workload with his ongoing Phd stuff, and the amount of philosophy, poetry, sports, news, etc. reading that he does, HOW the hell does he manage to watch all these movies.. Pan's Labrynth, I havent even heard of it and here he goes predicting it being there and there it is winning too.. way to go Bobs.. am really proud of you.

I might not be in constant touch with kiddo but inspite of his noninvolvement in my day-to-day life, I know for sure he is my rock of Gibraltar if need be and so am I going to be for him.. isnt it the beauty of being siblings.. (touchwood).

And just like Lorraine Baker (Hillary Duff) from Cheaper By The Dozen
There are times when I feel like killing him but killing for him ALWAYS:)

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mommyof2 said...

awwe he sound like perfect bro:-)

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