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Mar 24, 2007

Arrival.. SS in US - 1

This Thursday, March 22, 2007, marked 3 months since I left India with S leaving behind my parents and friends and holding on to a lot of dreams and a lifetime commitment of togetherness sharing ups and downs of what life offers us...

On this occasion, I plan to put in writing my experiences on my on-line journal a different series.. SS in US :-).. Apun Bhi Amreeka mein series... long pending, shelved as a draft for quite some time, finally seeing the light of the day.

It seems like ages since that has happened and I think I have come a long way from being an awe-struck new bride to a reasonably adjusted housewife in this pardes..

Even though I had seen a lot of desi-Hinglish movies, heard a lot about the life and ways here, and read a lot about US, it was entirely different when it came to first-hand experience. Having gotten into the Lufthansa flight from Hyd to Atlanta, and sleep-traveling from Hyderabad to Germany, had a flight change in Germany and then another sleep stretch began from Germany to Atlanta. The first few things that stuck me were the high escalators and the conveyor belts in the airport and the MARTA transit train inside the airport and all the American and African-American employees and passengers and felt truly that I had come to Pardes finally to stay for a while... was I glad, sad, or whatever, no idea.. just looking forward to a new life together..

aankhon mein sapne liye
ghar se hum chal toh diye
jaane yeh raahe ab le jaayengi kahaan
mitti ki khushbu aaye
palkon pe aansu laaye
palkon pe reh jaayega yaadon ka jahaan
manjil nayi hain
anjaana hai kaarava
chalna sang-sang hai yahaan

a little change here being not tanha dil.. sathi ke sang :-)

A friend of ours came to pick us up at the airport and the drive from there had been uneventful with me looking out of the windows at the cars that passed us by and the buildings on the road-side that I could see. When we finally went to our house or "Nest", it was in a mess but still felt really glad and warm and relaxed after traveling for almost 24-hours at a stretch.

Reached home by around 5 p.m. and then S went to pick up some milk and fruits while I went on to unpack my pooja stuff and then set the pooja place up after bath. With S bringing the milk and me being the senti, religious me, applying pasupu and kumkum to the stove, the gadapa (doorstep) boiled the milk for the first time praying for a happy life together. My first cooking was a disaster, the salt-less tomato dal and potato chip-like potato fry :( but then we were too drained to think of anything else and after calling up our parents and announcing our safe arrival, just crashed to sleep only to get up at 3 a.m. the next day.. and then I knew the actual feeling for the much-heard term "jet-lag", unable to stay up after 3 p.m. and get up early around 1 to 2 a.m., unpacking, sorting, cleaning stuff.. and it took almost a week for the biological clock to set itself up for my new life on the other end of the globe :)...

There ends my tale of travel and the first few days.. more experiences to unravel soon in the upcoming SS in US series ;)))))))


@ said...

I like this series - look forward to part 2.

Kalpana said...

Good... Just enjoy life, the way it is! I know it is tough sometimes, but we need to try.

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