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Mar 18, 2007

Atlanta As I See....

This one series has been long due.. was planning to put all the experiences in US and pics of places I had been to so far... here goes the first of many :)..

I have been in this place for the past 3 months and am slowly getting to like this place as it is getting warmer.. This dome is in Downtown Atlanta, near CNN Head Quarters.. the picture taken the first time I visited Downtown..

This pic is taken near from the food zone in the building which houses CNN Head Quarters.. Flags of all the nations in which CNN has branches.. on the flooring below is the world map on the tiles.. could not take of that as it was full of diners :(.

This is the picture of the building with glass.. I loved the way the clouds could be seen on the building being a first-timer for such view..


We had been on this trip called Inside CNN which consisted of guided tour on technicalities of news broadcasting, control-room experience stimulated, some memorablia of CNN war-time coverage, etc. We had a lot of fun doing this DVD recording in Interactive News Desk session reading news clippings just like the original anchors, tele prompters, costumes, mike, etc... dont miss this one if you happen to be in Atlanta.


Kalpana said...

A wonderful experience, Sush. Felt the same as I went thru these pictures.

Sush said...

heehaaa.. just wait unti I show you the DVD :)))) ;)

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