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Mar 30, 2007

Books, My Best Buddies!!! SS in US - 2

I find the library system in US really really amazing.. the number of books they lend, the wide range of books available, the community programs that they arrange. I would have loved a few Indian authors books but well, I cant ask for everything and I am perfectly happy with what I get. The library membership is the best thing that S did for me. Throughout the winter, all I did after packing off S to office with his lunch box was bundle up in a comforter and lie down on the floor where the sunrays fall from the window with a lot of pillows scattered around and phone, food, and water nearby :) and just lie there until he comes back.

We being on L1 here and unsure of the stay here, on my insistence, have decided against going for a car and since the climatic conditions in Atlanta are not that extreme, have been managing fairly well with the local public transport system, MARTA. This means that every 15 days or so, S has to carry me and all the books to the library in downtown and get another load back home and beleive me, I cannot even the lift the knapsack once we fill it with the books and the poor thing carries it all the way back. So, if and when I happen to say that I am crazy about this guy, you know why!!!!

Thank God, but for these buddies I would have gone crazy here alone whole day... :).. jai ho books and Jai ho Atlanta-Fulton County Library..


Geets said...

Thanks, Sush, for visiting my blog. Books are my best buddies too.
Btw, my book is available from the online bookstore
Here is the link
You could also read some customer reviews there

White Forest said...

voww..looks neat and cool! :)

Pri said...

u love book too...join the club :)
rite now reading "hundred years of solitude"...hav u read it??

Kalpana said...

Good to know that you got settled with life over there. Happy for you both.

Sush said...

Geets: Will sure go there and check out.. Thank you.

WF: Well, the mess was covered up for the pic :).

Pri: Nope.. am mostly into fiction as of now. How go you like it?

Caps: Welcome back lady!!!

my life.... said...

hey gal, can u pls send yr email address to so that i can add u in my selected readers list... otherwise u will not be able to read my blog... thanks alot gal!

Orchid said...

wait till yo disover will fall in love with this country...the library system has to be at the top of that list especially for a book lover :)

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