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Mar 18, 2007

Georgia Aquarium.. Atlanta Series 2

The Georgia Aquarium.. The one trip one would enjoy a lot if you like aquatic animals as much as I do.. and of course, the kids would just love it!!! :))).

I must thank S for loads of patience he has taking me to all these places.. I know it would be a great pain at times with the slow pace that I can manage.. thanks a ton S.. :))..

This place has five thematic zones.. and at certain exhibits, we can even touch the fishes and feel them :)... and the best part is the fishes have a 15-minute break ever 15 minutes of touch-and-feel session.. me waiting for the stingray :)))

Crab fish taking rest after the exhibit..

A huge tortoise..

A display full of colorful fish..

Home away from home.. creating a natural home fot the fish..

The Beluga whales...

There are lots and lots of pics from that place.. will need to find another option like flicker of yahoo photos to show them all.. will try to post my favorite ones at least in the next post.. the problem is I like all of them :)


Kalpana said...

A great experience. I too had a wonderful feel along with you now.

Keshi said...

wow beautiful marine life!


Drama Div@ said...

if u ever come to malaysia, dont forget to go to our aquaria, ok...

Sush said...

Caps: I know you would.. thanks.
Keshi: :)).
DD: Sure.. but Malaysia is a distant dream at the moment.

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