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Mar 18, 2007

The Horse Cart Ride.. Atlanta Series 3

One thing I have been pestering S since I had first been to downtown was for a horse ride.... yup!! you heard it right, a horse-cart ride with a guided trip around downtown.. S kept on avoiding every time we went to library citing the chilly weather as an excuse... but the persistent devil that I can be, I managed to convince him and flagged down one cart and finally we went on a ride on a very fine warm day.

I enjoyed every single momemt of that.. it lasted around half-hour and turned out to be a well-spent one, getting to know the place and history of several of the buildings and roads that we normally do not bother to know much about.

Added to that, the driver, Ed, was a man of many words and we thorughly enjoyed the complete ride with him taking us through several things in general, life movies, philosophy, India, culture, etc.

This, according to me, is a must-do thing, no matter what age group you belong to if you happen to be in Atlanta.


acwo said...

Tiptop blog, I like it :)
keep it up!

Drama Div@ said...

horse cart ride ard town.. interesting...

Sush said...

acwo: welcome and thanks.

DD: :)

Kalpana said...

Horse ride will be a great memory..that too at Atlanta.......wonderful!

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