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Mar 29, 2007

The Little Biggg Things!!!

When I sometimes begin to feel sad or lonely, I remind myself that there is this person in my life who will be affected by every little thing that I do and for whom my happiness and sorrow matters just as much as his..

When the selfish me begins to think that being a housewife is a thankless job and one is better off alone, then the genuine me remembers about all the little big things that S does for me and cooking is not just the one thing that he does. Being the pet in his family and not allowed to even lift a glass in his house, he does soo many things for us. He helps me out with dosas, vadas, and everything.. thanks a ton!!!

This collage has the kaju sweet, the pakoras, and the special omlettes by S :)
I am truly touched at times when he takes all the pains to cook something for me. I am afraid I cant say he is an Ace in culinary department, but the love with which it is prepared just bowls me over and guys, if you have not already noticed the extra inches around my belly, I blame it soley on him ;).

The Kaju sweet that he made was a surprise to me actually. I went for a walk with a friend in our apartment only to come and find him giving the goofy smiles and no prizes for guessing that I will cherish that moment forever and ever... so when I say that life sucks, please do remind me of these wonderful things :).


Aysha said...

Choooo.. Chweet... :)

Don't worry.. I'l remind you.. ;)

Pri said...

heyy thts soo cuteee...
may u and ur S hav many such cute moments together :)

Kalpana said...

Have many more sweet moments!

Sush said...

Aysha: I am counting on you :).

Pri: Thank you...

Caps: Thunku..

@ said...

really nice of him to pamper you :) why should life suck when you have it all!

mommyof2 said...

so sweet of him:-) I too made kaju & badaam burfi for kids and Now I have to find pics & post ;-)

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