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Mar 20, 2007

My New Year Gift :))

I have my lappy back, fixed and back in shape...... :))))) and you bet I have been on cloud nine since then.. It is amazing to note how computer has become everything for us in such a short span of time. Only a couple of years ago, I did not own a computer and today my life kind of revolves around it.. Got to cook,; movietime.. desivideos, andhraguyz, etc.; talking to family and friends, google talk and web cam; watching cricket, streambox; temperature forecast, weather; got to go somewhere, print the instructions from google; on-line journal; missing celebrations in India, view pics in Snapfish or yahoo;.... phew!!! this tiny little thing has soley monopolized my life ever since I had been in US..

Gone are the days that I wait for S to come from office and pounce on his laptop ignoring him completely after a long and hard day's work... got on concentrate on that poor soul some too :)))).... and I love the freedom that I get from not depending on friends or neighbors for cooking tips.


Kalpana said...

Keep it up, Sush...

Has to be me said...

Belated ugadi wishes! And bet ya the computer is so vital in ones life! :)

Aysha said...

That Mango looks yummy.. Slurp.. Slurp..

Atlanta is beautiful.. More pics please.

Btw, how are Finnie and Fannie ?

And, Belated Ugadi !!

Drama Div@ said...

love indian mango... dip into ketchup, plus cut chillies + a lil bit of sugar.. hahhahah yummy...

Mumbai Guy said...

he he. Computers are now integeral part of new world order. Cannot imagine to think life without it. What you listed about things we do with computers is so true with most of us.

Glad to ghear your notebook is back wid you.

Keshi said...

Mango for me anytime!


itchingtowrite said...

more and more posts then

Sush said...

Caps: :-).

HTBM: True.

Aysha: Will post them as and when possible.

DD: Hmmm.... sounds good will try.. I just make do with salt and red chilli powder and it tastes good too :-).

MG: I know, me neither.

Keshi: Come Down :-).

ITW: Of course.

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