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Mar 26, 2007

My Work Woes :((

Being a working woman, the one problem I had coming to US with S was that I might miss my work and feel bored to death but being here on L2 and having the eligibility to work here as well was one concession. We were under the assumption that we need to wait for 90 days before applying for the same and then it would take sometime before the processing is done.. so I was kind of dreaming that I would be able to work around mid April or May beginning in the least.. but now my dreams seem to have shattered for a while at least 'cos the USCIS guys say that it would take minimum 75 days for the processing to be done...

Godddd!!! It is really really disappointing for me, especially with my rapidly degenerating professional skills (I am into medical transcription and constant touch with the voice files is kind of necessary to keep myself in form :((()... I need to keep myself occupied constructively before I actually torture S with all the feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness that seem to have surfaced all of a sudden again... God, give me the strength to stay sane and retain my peace of mind for some more time!!!!!!!


Keshi said...

Take it easy wasnt easy when I came here, graduated and then was looking for work.

Everything takes time...ALL THE BEST and hey cheer up.


@ said...

I would enjoy this time - since your solution is around the corner. ther are many who marry and come to the country on h4 who dont have the luxury that you do - ie hopes of working at all - for a long long time! so, keep posting - 75 days will fly and you may not have time for blogging very soon :)

Sush said...

keshi: Thanks :)

@: that is true.

Kalpana said...

Hmm.....So it is taking complete 5 months, to work on L2. God! Relax sush, don't worry. I too did not expect that situations will go this way. Ok... So, just keep in touch with your skillset. It will be boring, I do know. But, you can do it. You can learn a lot in b/w like new dishes prep, just blog, paint, read books, listen to music. Time will just fly. Be Happy for the moment.

Kalpana said...

Myself, I will just be a viewer of blogs, if possible for a week since I am out of station. Take care..... All The Best! Regards to S.

Sush said...

hmm.. i guess i should have initiated the process earlier.. but okies, i will enjoy this time too :).. happy and safe journey

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