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Mar 27, 2007

Rama Navami..

The day celebrated as Rama Navami also happens to be my birthday as per the telugu calender.. I was born on this day in Dasami gahadiyalu... so, needless to say, yours truly has been celebrating birthday twice a year so far.. I miss my grandmother today terribly, can do anything just to get a glimpse of her and to see that happiness in her eyes seeing me carry her traditions forward... God!!! why is it so tough to let go of her thoughts in every single thing I do.. it still hurts when I see her pic smiling at me.. why cant she do that in person :(((.


Aysha said...

Wish You A Very Very Happy Birthday !!

And Happy Ram Navami..

Gal, Atlanta is soooooooooooooooo Beautiful.. Have seen sceneries like those only in movies..

Enjoy Lady !! :-)
Very Happy for you.. :-))

my life.... said...

my dear sush, don t worry alot... yr grandma is watching u from above and she knows how u feel... i understand yr position as i have been in yr shoes b4... and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to u....!!! hope u get all the blessings and happiness... tc gal:)

Sush said...

Aysh: Thank you.. True, I am falling in love with this place gradually :), specifically for its crisp and fresh air and of course all the greenery that I see around.. one of these days, the apartment guys would receive a complaint on me for roaming around with a cam all the times on the ground ;-).

Lalita: Thank you... I am sure she will see but still :(

@ said...

happy birthday to you!

Orchid said...

Hello SUSH,
First time here. Happy belated B'day. My grandmom celebrates (still does) Ram Navami on a huge scale tooo..if only I had her enthusiams for life...i guess there is something about their generation-tireless!

Geets said...

Happy Birthday! Nice pics you have there..

Sush said...

@: Thank you ma'm.
Orchid: That is soo true, the patience they had, the love and affection that is something which we find very rarely in our generation.
Geets: Welcome here... Thank you.

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