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Mar 18, 2007

St. Patricks Day.. Atlanta Series 4

This Saturday, March 17th, was the St. Patricks Day an Irish festival and we, me and S, happened to inadvertently be on-lookers of the parade in downtown when we went to the library.

It was amazing and I really loved being a part of the celebrations. It was extremely cold that particular day with the wind-speed a little on the higher side, but nothing could stop me from standing and gazing the event with wonder.. it was green every where I could see.. green dangling chains, jackets, shirts, etc. and for the first time, saw a lot of kids on the streets too.

The very fact that these golden oldies took out time to be there in the parade made it all the more beautiful..

This green thing had a horn sounding like a frog too :).

Coming from the other side of the globe, I most certainly am taking in everything with an awe and capturing all such moments in the cam as well as my space, my blog.. :), might seem crazy to some but for me little things like these make life worth living :))


Kalpana said...

Who said silly? Capturing moments is itself a great task. Keep going...

Sush said...

hee.. i know you would say this :))

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