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Mar 19, 2007

Yugaadi Subhakaankshalu... :)

UGADI.. every festival holds a sinificance of its own in terms of traditions, customs, and rituals.. and even for every individual who celebrates it, it does a leave a mark.

For me, Ugadi means a festival of new beginnings and the Ugadi pacchadi.. a pickle made of all the flavors.. sweet, bitter, sour, salt, spicy and tart.. Shadruchulu (six tastes or flavors) which signifies that life is a combination of all the phases... being in US, I could not manage to get vepa puvvu (neem flower) to add.., so my pacchadi would be without bitter and tart tastes, hopefully our lives in this coming year go on smoothly just like this without any bitter notes :).

The nava dhanyalu that we got for pooja today. :)

This is my Ugadi on my own, so with a little goof-ups like dilute pickle, etc. managed to finish pooja by 5:45 a.m. before the thithi changes..

I miss India now, the panchanga Sravanam (yearly forecast and various types of pacchadi tastes as we visit friends and family and of course the annual visit to the local temple... miss you mom and your Ugadi pacchadi, that is the best I have tasted ever, love it even more after today's disastrous attempt at it :).

For a change, that is the picture of the Rangoli in front of our doorstep. Happy Ugaadi To All of You out there


my life.... said...

Ugadi subakanchalu.... well, don t worry dear... all the best... here in my house, we celebrated Ugadi very simply... god bless u:)

Sush said...

Dhanyavaadalu :)

Kalpana said...

Good and wonderful. Gruhini lakshanaalu baaga vantapattinchukunnavu...:). Happy to c the images. I am not able to upload images from 2 days....just trying and trying.....

@ said...

I meant to comment on this, but skipped somehow. I wanted to say I found your kolam impressive...did you do that yourself? Lovely how you are carrying the tradition across seas...!

Sush said...

Caps: edo tamari aasirwadam ;)

@: Yup.. I did that kolam.. i am somehow quite particular about the pasupu, kukum and kolam in front of the house..

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