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Apr 30, 2007

Foriegn Body, Corn, Cyst, Wart... phew!!!

Well, for those wondering why listing them out.. I had this very uncomfortable sensation in my left foot for a couple of months as if there is a foreign body inside and gradually it kept growing bigger and painful and a couple of weeks ago I noticed another one in the right foot, so after my other half's constant requests and even threats, I finally got an appointment with a podiatrist closeby and thatz what I am diagnosed with "plantar warts"... sheeeshh... some viral stuff... yeeekk!!! warts in the feet... (sob, sob, sob).. for now he has shaved them off and put a medicine and bandage with an appointment next week to see further course of action. Not a big deal but since it is viral am afraid it might spread further...

I was always afraid of doctors in India, especially the specialists. I used to feel that those guys have an attitude and being rude is their fashion statement (well, it is purely based on my personal experiences, I am sure there are so many others in complete contrast to that out there too) and before going there we had a lot of doubts as to how their counterparts here would be.. Fortunately, this guy was awesome, made me feel really comfortable and all the while he was at task of cutting out the skin, he kept apologizing for hurting me, so much so that I could not even wince out of pain even though OH stood holding my hand right next to me. All in all, it had been a pleasant experience in spite of the medical procedure stuff :)

Apr 28, 2007

Rare Moments Of Being True To Myself..

Frog In The Well... Yup!!! that is exactly what I am (you are right yet again kiddo), tangled in life's twists and turns, I had to come to believe, at times, that I am the only who has this huge magnitude of problems, I am the only going through weird circumstances, I am the only one who has crazy relatives, I am the only one who has a lot of responsibilities, I am THIS and I am THAT, and what not(how wrong I was). Every time I thought this is it, I have seen it all and here are the happy days, there came another moment which made all the others significantly lesser problematic and all the while I have been feeling as if I am the only who is being tested and ONLY my life is a constant struggle for a peaceful survival.

Back here, away from everything and with loads and loads of time to think and just think and understand, I see many of the people I know struggling with their lives, coming out winners beating all the odds; some ruining their lives making the stupidest choices and being carried away with their own notions of what is right and wrong; some just leading a life with no reason whatsoever; some being pompous; some playing it down. I feel so humbled and I see the need to change my outlook in various aspects and I already sense that I have changed way faster than I would have otherwise.

I see myself changed a lot post my grandmother's death and my marriage, I feel as if my world has been shattered and reset once again and I am carrying on with my life with a totally new perspective. One biggest thing that I always knew but kind of brushed it down and get carried away at times is that I am not doing a favor to anyone by living my life but myself, I do things which I think are right (not what are right), I and only I am responsible for my actions no one could have forced me to do anything had I not given the opportunity...

Apr 25, 2007

Affirmations.. Wonderful Videos

A young buddy of mine, Silpa, sent me these links today and I really really loved them.

Just listen to this one with eyes closed..

Something Lighter From My Side..

So, as promised to self, I began with the cleaning process. Somehow, clearing the clutter around me always helps me think clearer, may sound wierd but it really works that way for me :). Mind power is really amazing if you put in efforts in the right direction, there is nothing that can bog us down. Now, I feel really fresh and cool.

I took some tips from Sailu and prepared this tomato chutney and took some pics here and there felt almost back to normal.. :).. the recipe is very very simple too and yummy, yummy, goes with idly, dosa, and even hot hot rice and ghee.

The usually lazy me has gone into fruity meal once again and so the basket is full, should make sure we eat them up and not throw them away after freezing them for quite some time.

And last but not the least, these cuties are what I got from Michaels for a steal.. they are soo sweet and I just bought them for 19 cents each in the Post-Easter sale.

Battles With Blues... SS in US - 10

Looks like I am falling into a pattern of looking at things and specially myself in a much more critical way. Is it because I have too much time on my hand that I dont know what to do with. Are the countless movies that I watch these days making this kind of impact on me. dont know. Everything seems to be perfect but nothing goes right. There is nothing that anybody does, no external family influences whatsoever because we live so far out here and nobody says anything but good or pleasant.

Actually speaking, it is the right kind of situation to make the most of and achieve what all I have longed for in life. Free time and life faraway from day-to-day struggle is all that I had been longing for when busy with studies or job or when tangled up in family situations and yet I am not really liking it. Why am I always running behind those mirages of things which are not there with me at the moment?

Even the trivial-most things at times, like gloomy weather, unclean kitchen, bring me down to tears and there are times when there is a reason but not a big one to cry, be a sissy and make an issue of it but then the tears just wont stop, it is not a pre-planned cry session but they just flow freely much to the astonishment of me and my other half. It is difficult even for me to understand so I cant expect S to just ignore it without being disturbed.

Sometimes I wonder where that strong-willed, independent, and carefree ME has disappeared. Where is this person who did not care what the whole world said or did and was focused on the things that she wanted in life. I just feel like a shadow of what I had been earlier. Just need to pull up my own strings because no matter how supportive my dearest one is, it is ultimately ME who needs to raise above it all and emerge a winner in this battle between boredom and self-worth!!! Get, Set, Go...

Apr 24, 2007

Always and Forever...

Why?? This is what I ask every time I remember you. There is so much going on in my life, mostly good, everything that you ever wanted for me and more, but then you are not there to see that. I want to call you up and talk to you just like I used to when you were around. I just want to see that naughty smile of yours when you tease me, that affectionate look, even that given-up look, anything!!!. I see traces of you in your children but nothing and no one can ever fill that void left by you.

Even in the happiest of the moments, I suddenly feel your loss and that acute pain returns. Even though I have tried to get up and get going with my life with my wonderful other half, I miss you terribly.

Where are you???? I try to see you in every which form I can, the sky, the water, the air I breathe and every where.. for no reason at all, you just flash in my mind and each time I yearn to touch you and feel your presence near me. I do feel that courage which I need most of the times to go on from you but that is not enough. I know you are my guardian angel but I want you as my amma right next to me... As I set out to walk on this pleasant spring evening, all I want is you to accompany me and feel the same joy with me and for me.

Am I living with the dead, am I stuck with the past and not living the present??? just no idea!!! There are moments like these all of a sudden and then in a while, I remember that flashing smile and get back to normal but the intensity of pain in that little time say 10/15 minutes is too much... well with you being gone almost for a year and a half, I must say I am doing a lot better at least in terms of frequency, give me that courage to go on...

Apr 23, 2007

Shahrukh...One Amazing Personality

My God!! This guy has never ceased to amaze me in terms of the stamina he has even at this age, the stage shows, the movies, the ads... phew!! I guess if I did 1/10th of what he does on an average day I would feel exhausted and tired at the end of the day.. amazing how much he can pack into his day and ours :).. This one guy deserves everything, i.e., the fan followup, the accolades, awards, everything. The passion and committment to what he has on his hand shows and that is what makes us hooked to him (at least me). I dont remember the name of the video but I happened to watch one which shows his average day, his family life, his daily routine, everything and just made me go Wow!!! and I could see it wasnt was a put-up for the camera or anything. For all of us can just speak about national integrity this that blah blah and this guy just personifies everything and makes no much ga-ga about it..

KBC... Kaun Banega Crorepati, this is one series both me and S could watch hours at a stretch without feeling bored and kept both of us involved. The presentation, the involvement with the contestants, everything slowly got to me and by the end of it all, the 52 episodes, it just felt like a moment or so.. hats off to this all-round performer in the true sense. His genuine concern for his "boys and girls", the little kids, showed and we could sense that he felt sad for the ones who lost and did not want them to go empty handed, the flirting with Satosh Aunty was soooooo sweet, loved it a lot!! In short, every episode was a pleasure. A part of me is sad that the series is over and another one is already looking forward to KBC - 4!!!

Things that DOnt Matter :))

Finally after months and months of endless speculations, Abhishek and Aiswarya (link for post-marriage Tirupati Pooja Pics) tie the knot... hammayya!! Not that it in anyway was important but thank God these guys will at least stop making headlines for trivial issues like where did the mehendi come from, what is the dress, where is aish practising dance steps, Amar Singh's tailing along... (rolling my eyes!!) Even though I have no right speak or judge about other's personal lives, I think I can take some liberty here 'cos these are the people who owe their popularity thanks to, us the followers. From the onset, I never thought Aish (personally I feel she is so artificial but again it is purely personal and I dont really have anything solid to back that up, just that ever-ready judgmental me in action) would be a Bacchan-Bahu material, but then again if it is done, I just hope they stay happily ever after like their parents did, withstanding the toughest of times and sticking together no matter what.

Apr 22, 2007

Deep Feelings and Some Rambling.......

There have been a lot of things on my mind of late. I think I am growing isolated gradually from the world events. As I realize the world is a smaller place, my world, in particular, is becoming smaller and smaller. I dont know what is going around me in US, dont know what is going on in India until my parents or friends tell me because I simply do not switch on TV or read newspapers any more. I do not like to read or view something bad early in the morning or for that matter any time of the day and so conveniently I cut myself off from all of it. Sometimes I feel a little ashamed of thinking only about myself and reacting only to things that matter to me. No doubt I care about people, but only about the ones who matter to me. I read blogs, talk to friends, they are my window to the world these days. I react to news and things just like everyone else, but do nothing to prevent anything or even try to make a difference any longer.. why is it so??? why am I becoming so self-centered, goal-less, and just passing my time doing nothing constructively?? Is this what I want to be, a good-for-nothing person who lived for herself... NOOOO....

The Virginia Tech Massacre about which everyone feels for so deeply today including myself, I did not even know it happened until my mom and bro called up and then something hit me hard, what the hell, where am I and what am I doing? I feel bad for what has happened, my heart bleeds just to think that these kids who had such a wonderful future are no longer there amongst us. Their parents will always have that vacuum in their lives which no matter what the whole world says or does can be filled. The Cho kid who did all this rants and rants about being abused, blames the rich, says there were a million ways in which it could have been avoided.. yup, for once he was right, there were a million ways.. If only someone had paid attention to what he had to say, if only someone spent some time on him. I just wish we ACT before in identifying problem areas rather than REACT later.. I wish I could do a lot more... well what is the point in just wishing?

May the souls of the victims rest in peace and may their friends and families find the strength to move on and the survivors get back to normalcy soon!!! and most importantly, may indifferent people like me get some sense of responsibility!!!

Apr 21, 2007

Good One..

Forwarded by Aysha again... I liked this one a lot and felt it must be shared.
There was a farmer who grew superior quality and award-winning CORN. Each year
he entered his CORN in the state fair where it won honour and prizes.

Once a newspaper reporter interviewed him and learnt something interesting
about how he grew it. The reporter discovered that the farmer shared his seed corn
with his neighbours'.

"How can you afford to share your best seed corn with your neighbours when they
are entering corn in competition with yours each year?" the reporter asked.

"Why sir, "said the farmer, "didn't you know? The wind picks up pollen from the
ripening corn and swirls it from field to field. If my neighbours grow
inferior, sub-standard and poor quality corn, cross-pollination will steadily degrade
the quality of my corn.

If I am to grow good corn, I must help my neighbours grow good corn."

The farmer gave a superb insight into the connectedness of life. His corn
cannot improve unless his neighbour's corn also improves. So it is in the other

Those who choose to be at harmony must help their neighbours and colleagues to
be at peace. Those who choose to live well must help others to live well. The
value of a life is measured by the lives it touches .

Success does not happen in isolation. It is very often a participative and
collective process.

Apr 18, 2007

Yet another Year Between The Ears

Another year, another month...
another day, another moment...
another tear, another smile...
another summer, another winter...
another fight, another patch-up...
another gift, another game...
another everything but only one life...
Live life to the fullest and try to be worthy of the greatest gift given to you.

As a child, birthdays were the best things that could happen to me, specially me considering I always had two :)). I used to keep reminding each and every one I came across even before a month or so, but as time changed and the candle number on the cake increased to a point where the cake could burn down the house, it gradually ceased to be that important.. yeah, I still acknowledge the day, do pooja, take elders' blessings, do something good on that day but just that delight is no longer there.

This year, the first one after marriage, is a special one of course. S had called a few friends over yesterday and we had this pre-birthday celebration, dinner, cake, gifts and all and today was an exclusive "us-dinner" day with yours truly lazing around the whole day just talking to friends.

This year's resoultion is to try to be a better human being and a good wife besides everything else that I had been so far :)

Apr 17, 2007

Still Trying To Figure Out.... SS in US - 9

When I was about to come here, H, a friend of ours has told me about the desi treatment that would be awaiting me here but could not believe it then and now that I am actually here, I am not able to understand it either.

The first experience was the very second day we had been to our apartment. On seeing all the people (foreigners/locals) waving hands and greeting us, I felt this indeed is one friendly place to be, but all the hell broke loose when I saw an Indian couple staying right next to our building did not even acknowledge my presence in spite of me looking at them expectantly with a smile on my face feeling extremely happy for having located someone from home :((. The lady just a gave look as if seeing through me and got into the car.. sigh!!!! and the subsequent encounters with other desis made me resign to the fact that it is meant to be that way... sigh, sigh, sigh!!!

One standard protocol I guess, see an Indian, turn your face, don't look in that direction ever again, even if you by chance happen to, just see through that person as if you were looking out of a glass window!!! I think people don't trust each other easily out here, scared of every little thing, scared of every other person.. According to me, everything must have a reason, so these guys too might have some reason to do so... and well, maybe I would turn like that too if I happen to stay here for a little longer depending on my experiences whatever they are, but as of now I refuse to stop smiling even at those who prefer to ignore if we happen to make an eye contact even by mistake.

If you happen to be introduced by some friends or common acquaintances or you meet in a social gathering, they are extremely friendly and cooperative but other times the royal ignore treatment.

If someone were to ask me if there is any discrimination out here, I would say Yup, very much, the desi-desi one.

PS Is it just me or do you guys out here feel the same too????

Apr 16, 2007

Tring Tring... :)))

TRING.. TRING.. TRING... TRING... (phone ringing in the middle of the night or very early in the morning)

A hand reaches out for the alarm and presses the snooze button.

TRING... TRING.. TRRRRRRRIIIIIING... (the buzz continues)

Hits the snooze button again and sits up perplexed as to what is going on!!!

The ring stops and convinced it was the alarm, goes back to sleep...

TRING.. TRING.. TRING.. The wife HAS to get up and pick the phone so as to save the alarm another hit on its head.

... another day at another time, the saga continues.

PS: must see the look on the face when the realization dawns it was the phone ringing all the time :))))

Apr 15, 2007

TAMA Ugadi '07 Celebrations -- SS In US - 8

TAMA -- Telugu Association of Metropolitan Atlanta is an active organization as I came to see this Sunday. It felt good looking at a lot of telugu people gathered at one location, trying to do things together, and trying to live up to the Indian/Telugu culture and heritage in a place which is now a home away from home for a lot of them. For newcomers and visitors like us it is a nice opportunity to get to know and have a look about how our life would be if and IF we happen to stay back here.

Giving in to my constant pestering and buttering for nearly the past month or so, S also prepared himself for the eventuality and we set about for what happened to be a very exciting evening spent socially so far in US :).

The program started with a learned pandit talking about Ugadi and its importance and ended with Jana Gana Mana with loads and loads of entertainment stuffed in between which was followed by a dinner in the school premises. The concept of Shadruchulu (six different tastes) has been theme and the programs varied anywhere from Carnatic music to traditional dance forms, to movie songs, to skits in which all age groups from kids to teens to middle-aged people to the golden oldies, played a part and I bet everyone would have had a fun evening just like we did.

The kids who could barely stand or talk took to shaking their cute little bodies and watching them trying to lip sync and dance was the cutest of all.. in spite of total lack of coordination in the dance movements, it was in itself a delight to watch and the performances were so very endearing. The Tenali Ramakrishna drama by the kids with their accented telugu was sweet too. One enlightening stuff was this Uttutti Avadhanam (fake Avadhanam) which was done just to explain the whole concept of Avadhanam

Everything on the stage was so telugu-like, AP-like, and once backstage it was amazing to see the transformation of these kids, I mean dressed in traditional attire and speaking in accents.. hatsoff to the attempts of the parents for trying to keep their kids in touch with their roots.

And last but not the least, there was this Antakshari too and on an impulse, along with another three ladies I barely knew, I took part in that and after the initial tense moments up the stage, I actually had fun. Obviously, we did not win but we were not the last either :)))))).

Before one thinks TAMA guys have paid me for this write-up I would end my ga-ga'ing on an evening well spent.

Apr 13, 2007

Analysis, Excuses, Musings... SS in US - 7

My previous post triggered this thought process in me which had been going on in my mind subconsciously. I am actually a nobody to sit and analyze why people are so US-crazy, 'cos I am beginning to like this place too. Contrary to the opinion of many out there, it is not the money that we can make at the other end of the globe but mostly the fresh air and lots and lots and lots of greenery and open spaces which seem to be vanishing into thin air in India or at least the place where we stay in AP. Agreed, there are villages but thanks to our professions we are stuck in the concrete jungles back at home :(((( and the traffic and pollution it generates is something which is the worst of all (Environment-Conscious Sush).

With the cost of living skyrocketing, I cannot imagine living this kind of a comfortable if not luxurious life back there (Selfish Sush). A normal 2 BHK apartment costing anywhere around 35 to 40 lakhs within the radius of 15 km around the Hi-Tec city, our dreams of ever owning a house there or getting an accommodation for a decent rent is becoming unthinkable and if we decide to go for a far place, God save us from the traffic menace, the to and fro journey from office would sap our energy out :((.

Basic amenities such as drinking water and electricity are rationed come summer :((, and summer water woes is a known fact with the rapidly depleting underground water resources... ufff uff ufff... (Cribbing Sush)

and to top it all the BRIBERY.. my God!!! to get simple things like a marriage certificate or file your taxes, we need to shell out bribe if not, the endless wait and trips to the offices... disgusting!!!! (Crime-Conscious Sush)

If only our nation was common-man friendly...sigh!!!! If being a reasonably well-educated and settled person, I am scared looking at the future, what about the so many people under the poverty line???? I am seriously considering getting into active political and social reforms stuff once back in India, maybe to begin with join Loksatta or something like that, the more I think about all these, the more I want to do something...

There are times when I have these conflicting thoughts.. just forget everything, go on live your own life, nothing is going to change (evil-fairy Sush) and at times the fiery Aries-Taurus temper comes in and makes me want to try making the difference (angel-fairy Sush).. got to see who wins!!!! (ting ting!! I see a glo sign and a couple of horns on either side of my head now ;).

Ufff... These Alphabets, numbers, and Colors!!!! SS in US - 6

After I was done with learning alphabets and digits in my pre-KG and KG classes, I thought I was done with learning about them... how wrong was I?? My tryst with these numbers began when my scheduling for visa appointment started and I guess the saga would continue for as long as we are here. L1, H1, B1, F1, K1, L2, H4....phew!!!! for any application, I this and I that (I-xxx), and on top of it the color green and its ultimate lure, the green card... sigh!!!!!!!

The fact that we are called NRAs(non-resident aliens) was intriguing initially because with my limited English vocabulary, my sub-conscious mind associated the word alien with the extraterrestrial creatures :)). Well, I cannot really complain about it right!!! It is we who decide to come and stay here for whatever reason it is, then we better follow what the norms are, cant really be complaining while enjoying the fruits of it. I really agree now with what I seem to be hearing quite often since childhood... America is truly a land of opportunites or maybe I am saying this because it is the only place I have been to outside of India!! Before you patriotic guys out there catch my throat for making such a statement, I love India and do not intend in anyway to demean the opportunities there, I know we as a nation are rapidly becoming a force to recon with in terms of technology and services.. if only we were environment conscious!!!!!

Apr 12, 2007

Why Are People As They Are...

Some times I really wonder about the human nature. Knowing fully well that there is nothing that we take back with us, why is it that a human attaches a lot of importance to worldly things. Why is one so proud to the extent that they think talking to another person is a shame or below dignity.. what the hell does that person have that the other lacks??? Arrey Bhai, agreed you are rich why do you have to look down on others and who the hell gives you the right to demean others. Earning money in improper ways such as bribery does not give one the right to feel superior, rather I would say that is the most disgusting way to lead life. Being polite to the other person does not mean that we accept all the BS that they give us.. excuse me!!! we just did not forget our manners..

I am mighty pissed off about a series of incidents that I came to know of about a relative of mine. Had always known her to be cunning and sweet when she needs help and then royally ignoring at other times. I hardly lose my temper with outsiders but had I been there in India, she would have had a taste of her own medicine. I just seethed with anger for a while and then let it go, but could not help venting my anger here... sigh!!! when will we learn our lessons? why is it that every time the other person approaches, knowing fully well that we are being taken advantage of, we succumb to it, one simple reason I see is all of us in the family do it for her husband and she thinks she is a queen and we the maid servants.. but there is a limit to everything!!!! My strong resolve.. lady you cease to exist for me.. just GO TO HELL!!!!

Apr 11, 2007

The Real Life... SS in US - 5

A lonely pigeon hiding away from the rain.. near downtown library..

Yesterday, I had this biometrics appointment scheduled for my EAD (work permit) and we had been on a bus ride for that and that completes my full utilization of public transport in Atlanta(train, bus, and horse :)). I liked the bus ride, the bus (with 2 TVs), the bus driver (a lady), the view en route.. everything. For the first time since I came to US, I felt I have seen the actual life in US. And, of course, I am done with the biometrics (fingerprint, signature, and photograph)part and just waiting for the permit to be posted.

Living in a property-managed apartment and being to stores like Target, Michaels, Steinmart, Macy's, Nordstorm, etc., I began to feel that the life in US is too perfect, movie-like, structured houses, properly mowed lawns, nice cars, neat trains, etc. For the first time, I saw normal life in US, the bus commuters, students, ranch houses, and loved every single thing. It felt nice to get a glimpse of the not-so-rich side of it. I loved the small homes that looked like doll houses by the roadside... Been to a food joint closeby and had an omlette sub that was real yummy but the lemon and pepper chicken wings.. yukkkkkkk! One thing that caught my attention and left me open-mouthed was the pet hotel... it happens only in US!!!!

Must say I loved this side of America a lot!!!! Given a chance, I would like to stay with an American family and see their lifestyle. I guess that would be a nice experience.

Apr 9, 2007

Why and What????

Hmmmm... why is it that we want exactly what we do not have at the moment.... as a kid, I wanted to grow up fast; as a student, I wanted to work and create a stature for myself in the society; when a professional, I wanted to get back to studies; when a working woman, I envied the housewives and wanted to have some free time wherein I can relax and spend some time for myself, pursue my hobbies and interests and FINALLY when I have it all (loads of time on hand, a lot of resources to do anything I would like to, a nice home)... I want to get back to work!!!!!!

What do I actually want and when will I actually feel content... whatz the purpose of one's life, just leading it?????? Hey Caps, same pinch we are on the same boat now :)).

Few More Spring Pics!!!

My first spring in US... hmmm... it has been lovely so far.. the weather gradually warming up, the sudden chilly winds and April showers, everything is new and pleasant.

one morning the tree is full of flowers and a couple of days later it is filled up with leaves and it looks different altogether.. if dont capture the beauty on that particular day, it will take another form very soon, so I am seen with a cam every single day I go for a walk.. people in the apartment might think I am crazy but I do want these memories to be frozen in time.. so am going to give you too an overdose of spring :)))))).

Apr 5, 2007

Change and Adjustments.... SS in US - 4

First thing that hit me here is the extreme cold.. (yeah, I know, those staying in other colder states in US, please dont gimme those come here and see looks) for a new comer, it was an extreme.. the chills and shivers in spite of being dressed in a spacesuit-like jacket and looking like an eskimo, the dry scaly skin in spite of the dollops of moisturizer on the skin, etc. On top of it, yours truly did not know how to switch on the heating system at home and instead of calling up S at the office, just curled up with comforters and shivered and shivered :))))).

Me being from an average middle class family had a very modest amount of gadgets in our house back in India, we still use the 3-burner gas stove, a 165-liter fridge, etc., in the kitchen. This small kitchen equipped with dishwasher, the complete cooking range, microwave, and a biigg fridge was some kind of a dream kitchen for me and learning everything was kind of scary (what if this stove suddenly gives me a shock, what if I spill something on the stove and electrocute the whole kitchen), the oven pre-heating, frozen stuff, microwaving stuff.. to think of it now, it all sounds silly but for me everything was so new and I eggjactly (intended spelling error) knew how remote villagers would have felt when they see the city stuff :).

The bath tub and the shower were something new as well.. I mean so used to the bucket bath that it hardly felt like I had a bath in spite of soaking and showering for almost an hour :) and of course, the toilet paper stuff is best forgotten.....

Cleaning the carpet and the kitchen floor was another big pain.. well, it actually is still a pain.. :(.. all my hair seems to be on the carpet.. booohooooo... I wish I had half as much as I have on the carpet left on my head :(((((((((.....

Looking back, I wonder if everyone new to US has this kind of a problem or just me overreacting.. God knows!!! now after three full months here, I can say finally I am getting used to life here, i.e., in stead of rushing to friends for every little goof-up that I did, I can say I seem to be managing pretty well :)))

First Flight, scary!!!... SS in US - 3

Here goes my second post on my experiences in US.. the first one being THIS.

Flying or travelling by air was the first time when we set about to this US trip.. i.e., going for stamping in Chennai. We set out on 18th of December and I was very excited that being my first flight and a late evening flight at that... Well, I liked the first takeoff and the city, the traffic, the lights gradually becoming tinier looking from the window and was chatting away to glory with S.. the first half-hour was good and when the altitude begin to drop before landing, I had this terrible earache which I tried to control for some time gritting my teeth but soon it got beyond control and I felt as if my brain is going to burst out of my years ( I know it sounds crazy but that is exactly what I felt when I started to cry out of pain).. Yup.. I did cry and loads at that. S was flustered seeing me like that and he had to call the airhostess to see if there is something that can be done and I felt so silly and in so much of pain that I just mumbled something to the hostess who kind of pinched my nose and asked me to blow air with my mouth shut into it which I was not able to do because of crying so much and my nose being blocked.. finally, I managed to do that once and felt a pop in the ear and a sense of a little relief, then she handed me a glass of hot water and asked me to sip which helped and in no time I got back to normal after landing and after stamping and collecting the passport, the return journey was kind of a scare for me but we managed just fine with S forcing me to blow 15 minutes before the altitude drop and all I did was blow, blow, and blow and it did help..

Then on 21st midnight, we began the looong trip about which I was a little scared because of the acute earpain just before landing but again with the same regimen of deep breathing and blowing with nose and mouth shut helped a lot and I said maybe a hundred thanks after finally landing in Atlanta.. sigh!!!!

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