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Apr 13, 2007

Analysis, Excuses, Musings... SS in US - 7

My previous post triggered this thought process in me which had been going on in my mind subconsciously. I am actually a nobody to sit and analyze why people are so US-crazy, 'cos I am beginning to like this place too. Contrary to the opinion of many out there, it is not the money that we can make at the other end of the globe but mostly the fresh air and lots and lots and lots of greenery and open spaces which seem to be vanishing into thin air in India or at least the place where we stay in AP. Agreed, there are villages but thanks to our professions we are stuck in the concrete jungles back at home :(((( and the traffic and pollution it generates is something which is the worst of all (Environment-Conscious Sush).

With the cost of living skyrocketing, I cannot imagine living this kind of a comfortable if not luxurious life back there (Selfish Sush). A normal 2 BHK apartment costing anywhere around 35 to 40 lakhs within the radius of 15 km around the Hi-Tec city, our dreams of ever owning a house there or getting an accommodation for a decent rent is becoming unthinkable and if we decide to go for a far place, God save us from the traffic menace, the to and fro journey from office would sap our energy out :((.

Basic amenities such as drinking water and electricity are rationed come summer :((, and summer water woes is a known fact with the rapidly depleting underground water resources... ufff uff ufff... (Cribbing Sush)

and to top it all the BRIBERY.. my God!!! to get simple things like a marriage certificate or file your taxes, we need to shell out bribe if not, the endless wait and trips to the offices... disgusting!!!! (Crime-Conscious Sush)

If only our nation was common-man friendly...sigh!!!! If being a reasonably well-educated and settled person, I am scared looking at the future, what about the so many people under the poverty line???? I am seriously considering getting into active political and social reforms stuff once back in India, maybe to begin with join Loksatta or something like that, the more I think about all these, the more I want to do something...

There are times when I have these conflicting thoughts.. just forget everything, go on live your own life, nothing is going to change (evil-fairy Sush) and at times the fiery Aries-Taurus temper comes in and makes me want to try making the difference (angel-fairy Sush).. got to see who wins!!!! (ting ting!! I see a glo sign and a couple of horns on either side of my head now ;).


Twisted DNA said...

My thoughts exactly. You listed valid points. My biggest worry to if I ever decide to go back is that is is so difficult to work your way around to get anything done. There is almost no process for anything! You need a phone, you have to know somebody, you have to bribe somebody and so on.

The best part in the US is that I don't have to worry about daily things like getting water, milk etc. Life is smoother here.

There are advantages and disadvantages to every country. I choose to live with the disadvantages of the US

Kalpana said...

Hey Sush, this is what you can enjoy over there. Driving part, scares me even now in India, when back from US. H still did not make an attempt to drive in India though He drives in US. For many other things, we can get adjusted over here in India(if u plan 2 come back). Enjoy every moment over there gal. Happy Day! You'll enjoy a lot more over there, if u feel like staying back.

Aysha said...

Really.. Even Bangalore is so polluted and populated now..

The gardens are disappearing from the Garden City.. :-((

Sush said...

TD: Hmmm.. now I understand the guys out here a lot better.

Caps: Me driving in India would be may be suprassing all the wonders of the world. H is very right in not venturing out in that mad mad rush.

Aysha: Yup.. I have seen the trees being cut down to make way to the fly overs, road widenings, and what not. Initially when I came in 2002, the city was still so green and lovely when I go back now, hardly anything left of its previous grandeur.

Minal said...

..yes Sush agreed there are disadvantages but personally I would settle with the disadvantages, unlike twisted DNA here and be with friends and family rather than any other country.
But, then I guess it has to do more with people and relationships that I have formed here.

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