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Apr 9, 2007

Few More Spring Pics!!!

My first spring in US... hmmm... it has been lovely so far.. the weather gradually warming up, the sudden chilly winds and April showers, everything is new and pleasant.

one morning the tree is full of flowers and a couple of days later it is filled up with leaves and it looks different altogether.. if dont capture the beauty on that particular day, it will take another form very soon, so I am seen with a cam every single day I go for a walk.. people in the apartment might think I am crazy but I do want these memories to be frozen in time.. so am going to give you too an overdose of spring :)))))).


Kalpana said...

Hmm...becoming an expert(Camera). Lovely snaps.

Sush said...

caps, vanda photolu weekki teestu untey edo okati baaganey vastundi kada :)))))).

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