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Apr 5, 2007

First Flight, scary!!!... SS in US - 3

Here goes my second post on my experiences in US.. the first one being THIS.

Flying or travelling by air was the first time when we set about to this US trip.. i.e., going for stamping in Chennai. We set out on 18th of December and I was very excited that being my first flight and a late evening flight at that... Well, I liked the first takeoff and the city, the traffic, the lights gradually becoming tinier looking from the window and was chatting away to glory with S.. the first half-hour was good and when the altitude begin to drop before landing, I had this terrible earache which I tried to control for some time gritting my teeth but soon it got beyond control and I felt as if my brain is going to burst out of my years ( I know it sounds crazy but that is exactly what I felt when I started to cry out of pain).. Yup.. I did cry and loads at that. S was flustered seeing me like that and he had to call the airhostess to see if there is something that can be done and I felt so silly and in so much of pain that I just mumbled something to the hostess who kind of pinched my nose and asked me to blow air with my mouth shut into it which I was not able to do because of crying so much and my nose being blocked.. finally, I managed to do that once and felt a pop in the ear and a sense of a little relief, then she handed me a glass of hot water and asked me to sip which helped and in no time I got back to normal after landing and after stamping and collecting the passport, the return journey was kind of a scare for me but we managed just fine with S forcing me to blow 15 minutes before the altitude drop and all I did was blow, blow, and blow and it did help..

Then on 21st midnight, we began the looong trip about which I was a little scared because of the acute earpain just before landing but again with the same regimen of deep breathing and blowing with nose and mouth shut helped a lot and I said maybe a hundred thanks after finally landing in Atlanta.. sigh!!!!


mommyof2 said...

Next time take hard candy or gum with you:-)

Sush said...

Tried it, but it does not help in complete relief... :(

Kalpana said...

sush, shasheel too had the same problem the first time he went to Sydney. Take care and a good tip given.

Sush said...

ooh chacchu garu koodana :)))

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