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Apr 30, 2007

Foriegn Body, Corn, Cyst, Wart... phew!!!

Well, for those wondering why listing them out.. I had this very uncomfortable sensation in my left foot for a couple of months as if there is a foreign body inside and gradually it kept growing bigger and painful and a couple of weeks ago I noticed another one in the right foot, so after my other half's constant requests and even threats, I finally got an appointment with a podiatrist closeby and thatz what I am diagnosed with "plantar warts"... sheeeshh... some viral stuff... yeeekk!!! warts in the feet... (sob, sob, sob).. for now he has shaved them off and put a medicine and bandage with an appointment next week to see further course of action. Not a big deal but since it is viral am afraid it might spread further...

I was always afraid of doctors in India, especially the specialists. I used to feel that those guys have an attitude and being rude is their fashion statement (well, it is purely based on my personal experiences, I am sure there are so many others in complete contrast to that out there too) and before going there we had a lot of doubts as to how their counterparts here would be.. Fortunately, this guy was awesome, made me feel really comfortable and all the while he was at task of cutting out the skin, he kept apologizing for hurting me, so much so that I could not even wince out of pain even though OH stood holding my hand right next to me. All in all, it had been a pleasant experience in spite of the medical procedure stuff :)


Orchid said...

hope you are feeling better now!

sahasra said...

How are u now???
Yeah...The docs treat us nice...but getting an appointment and waiting in room dreads me:((

Kalpana said...

How r u now?

Aysha said...

Howz it now ??
Feeling better ??
Take Care Gal.

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