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Apr 17, 2007

Still Trying To Figure Out.... SS in US - 9

When I was about to come here, H, a friend of ours has told me about the desi treatment that would be awaiting me here but could not believe it then and now that I am actually here, I am not able to understand it either.

The first experience was the very second day we had been to our apartment. On seeing all the people (foreigners/locals) waving hands and greeting us, I felt this indeed is one friendly place to be, but all the hell broke loose when I saw an Indian couple staying right next to our building did not even acknowledge my presence in spite of me looking at them expectantly with a smile on my face feeling extremely happy for having located someone from home :((. The lady just a gave look as if seeing through me and got into the car.. sigh!!!! and the subsequent encounters with other desis made me resign to the fact that it is meant to be that way... sigh, sigh, sigh!!!

One standard protocol I guess, see an Indian, turn your face, don't look in that direction ever again, even if you by chance happen to, just see through that person as if you were looking out of a glass window!!! I think people don't trust each other easily out here, scared of every little thing, scared of every other person.. According to me, everything must have a reason, so these guys too might have some reason to do so... and well, maybe I would turn like that too if I happen to stay here for a little longer depending on my experiences whatever they are, but as of now I refuse to stop smiling even at those who prefer to ignore if we happen to make an eye contact even by mistake.

If you happen to be introduced by some friends or common acquaintances or you meet in a social gathering, they are extremely friendly and cooperative but other times the royal ignore treatment.

If someone were to ask me if there is any discrimination out here, I would say Yup, very much, the desi-desi one.

PS Is it just me or do you guys out here feel the same too????


Altoid said...

Its true about the desi-desi "ignore" mode. Believe it or not, there is a desi guy that moved into the apt right across from mine about 3 yrs ago, I see him very often either at the mailbox or either on my way up or down the floors and not ONCE has he returned my smile. Worse yet, he turns his head away as if I am some kind of leper. Many times I have thought about knocking on his door and introducing myself, but then I think maybe he will think I am a loon! Anyway, I dont know the reason for this attitude, but it exists surely in many different ways.

Drama Div@ said...

u r not alone, babe!!

Keshi said...

**desi-desi one.

definitely! it's everywhere. And it's a shame!


Shruti said...

cant comment anything about the topic..
just like to say take care...

Gauri said...

Happens here in HK too Sush - all the time.

I call it the "Pehle Aap" syndrome

Sush said...

altoid: welcome here.

DD and Keshi: :).

Shruti: Hmmm.. yeah true, i was blissfully unaware back at home.. you take care too.

Gauri: I am always the first one to smile and then quickly make it fade when there is no response :)))).

Minal said...

Hmm have never lived in a foreign country. So just wondering why?
..and yes, take care!

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