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Apr 11, 2007

The Real Life... SS in US - 5

A lonely pigeon hiding away from the rain.. near downtown library..

Yesterday, I had this biometrics appointment scheduled for my EAD (work permit) and we had been on a bus ride for that and that completes my full utilization of public transport in Atlanta(train, bus, and horse :)). I liked the bus ride, the bus (with 2 TVs), the bus driver (a lady), the view en route.. everything. For the first time since I came to US, I felt I have seen the actual life in US. And, of course, I am done with the biometrics (fingerprint, signature, and photograph)part and just waiting for the permit to be posted.

Living in a property-managed apartment and being to stores like Target, Michaels, Steinmart, Macy's, Nordstorm, etc., I began to feel that the life in US is too perfect, movie-like, structured houses, properly mowed lawns, nice cars, neat trains, etc. For the first time, I saw normal life in US, the bus commuters, students, ranch houses, and loved every single thing. It felt nice to get a glimpse of the not-so-rich side of it. I loved the small homes that looked like doll houses by the roadside... Been to a food joint closeby and had an omlette sub that was real yummy but the lemon and pepper chicken wings.. yukkkkkkk! One thing that caught my attention and left me open-mouthed was the pet hotel... it happens only in US!!!!

Must say I loved this side of America a lot!!!! Given a chance, I would like to stay with an American family and see their lifestyle. I guess that would be a nice experience.


Aysha said...

Gal, that butterfly fluttering around is beautiful !!

Hey, living with an American family would be a great experience yaar..

And your collages are Awesome !!


Kalpana said...

Good Luck!

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