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Apr 23, 2007

Shahrukh...One Amazing Personality

My God!! This guy has never ceased to amaze me in terms of the stamina he has even at this age, the stage shows, the movies, the ads... phew!! I guess if I did 1/10th of what he does on an average day I would feel exhausted and tired at the end of the day.. amazing how much he can pack into his day and ours :).. This one guy deserves everything, i.e., the fan followup, the accolades, awards, everything. The passion and committment to what he has on his hand shows and that is what makes us hooked to him (at least me). I dont remember the name of the video but I happened to watch one which shows his average day, his family life, his daily routine, everything and just made me go Wow!!! and I could see it wasnt was a put-up for the camera or anything. For all of us can just speak about national integrity this that blah blah and this guy just personifies everything and makes no much ga-ga about it..

KBC... Kaun Banega Crorepati, this is one series both me and S could watch hours at a stretch without feeling bored and kept both of us involved. The presentation, the involvement with the contestants, everything slowly got to me and by the end of it all, the 52 episodes, it just felt like a moment or so.. hats off to this all-round performer in the true sense. His genuine concern for his "boys and girls", the little kids, showed and we could sense that he felt sad for the ones who lost and did not want them to go empty handed, the flirting with Satosh Aunty was soooooo sweet, loved it a lot!! In short, every episode was a pleasure. A part of me is sad that the series is over and another one is already looking forward to KBC - 4!!!


Aysha said...

Very true.. He is so energetic, so enthusiastic.. All Rounder.

I used to run away from KBC-1 and KBC-2 when AB Senior was hosting it.

But KBC-3 was cool.. Tried my best not to miss any episode.. But sad coz of 2nd shift missed most of them.. But enjoyed all that I was able to watch.

I hope SRK is back in KBC-4 !!

Kalpana said...

That's one I love too...KBC

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