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Apr 15, 2007

TAMA Ugadi '07 Celebrations -- SS In US - 8

TAMA -- Telugu Association of Metropolitan Atlanta is an active organization as I came to see this Sunday. It felt good looking at a lot of telugu people gathered at one location, trying to do things together, and trying to live up to the Indian/Telugu culture and heritage in a place which is now a home away from home for a lot of them. For newcomers and visitors like us it is a nice opportunity to get to know and have a look about how our life would be if and IF we happen to stay back here.

Giving in to my constant pestering and buttering for nearly the past month or so, S also prepared himself for the eventuality and we set about for what happened to be a very exciting evening spent socially so far in US :).

The program started with a learned pandit talking about Ugadi and its importance and ended with Jana Gana Mana with loads and loads of entertainment stuffed in between which was followed by a dinner in the school premises. The concept of Shadruchulu (six different tastes) has been theme and the programs varied anywhere from Carnatic music to traditional dance forms, to movie songs, to skits in which all age groups from kids to teens to middle-aged people to the golden oldies, played a part and I bet everyone would have had a fun evening just like we did.

The kids who could barely stand or talk took to shaking their cute little bodies and watching them trying to lip sync and dance was the cutest of all.. in spite of total lack of coordination in the dance movements, it was in itself a delight to watch and the performances were so very endearing. The Tenali Ramakrishna drama by the kids with their accented telugu was sweet too. One enlightening stuff was this Uttutti Avadhanam (fake Avadhanam) which was done just to explain the whole concept of Avadhanam

Everything on the stage was so telugu-like, AP-like, and once backstage it was amazing to see the transformation of these kids, I mean dressed in traditional attire and speaking in accents.. hatsoff to the attempts of the parents for trying to keep their kids in touch with their roots.

And last but not the least, there was this Antakshari too and on an impulse, along with another three ladies I barely knew, I took part in that and after the initial tense moments up the stage, I actually had fun. Obviously, we did not win but we were not the last either :)))))).

Before one thinks TAMA guys have paid me for this write-up I would end my ga-ga'ing on an evening well spent.


Kalpana said...

Good Sush, that u're exploring Atlanta and knowing Telugu people out there.

my life.... said...

hey gal, its good to hear that the Telugu people are having an active group... this is not so in singapore.... Glad to see such activities carried out in states...:)

Sush said...

Caps: What would an over-bored housewife do tell me :).

Lalita: Yup, I guess they are actively into supporting Telugu in Emory University, sponsoring students in India 150 dollars each and stuff like that.. it was a noble gesture on part of these guys.

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