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Apr 23, 2007

Things that DOnt Matter :))

Finally after months and months of endless speculations, Abhishek and Aiswarya (link for post-marriage Tirupati Pooja Pics) tie the knot... hammayya!! Not that it in anyway was important but thank God these guys will at least stop making headlines for trivial issues like where did the mehendi come from, what is the dress, where is aish practising dance steps, Amar Singh's tailing along... (rolling my eyes!!) Even though I have no right speak or judge about other's personal lives, I think I can take some liberty here 'cos these are the people who owe their popularity thanks to, us the followers. From the onset, I never thought Aish (personally I feel she is so artificial but again it is purely personal and I dont really have anything solid to back that up, just that ever-ready judgmental me in action) would be a Bacchan-Bahu material, but then again if it is done, I just hope they stay happily ever after like their parents did, withstanding the toughest of times and sticking together no matter what.

1 comment:

Aysha said...

AB Baby is one of the most handsome men.. at least for me.. Love him from the bottom of my heart..

But Aishwarya !!

I totally agree with you.. She is so artificial.. So plastic..

Now that they are married, I just hope they stick together.

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