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Apr 16, 2007

Tring Tring... :)))

TRING.. TRING.. TRING... TRING... (phone ringing in the middle of the night or very early in the morning)

A hand reaches out for the alarm and presses the snooze button.

TRING... TRING.. TRRRRRRRIIIIIING... (the buzz continues)

Hits the snooze button again and sits up perplexed as to what is going on!!!

The ring stops and convinced it was the alarm, goes back to sleep...

TRING.. TRING.. TRING.. The wife HAS to get up and pick the phone so as to save the alarm another hit on its head.

... another day at another time, the saga continues.

PS: must see the look on the face when the realization dawns it was the phone ringing all the time :))))


artnavy said...

hahah- that happened?

the telugu ugadi celebrations look really good- bet u did not do things in such style in India

Kalpana said...

Getting calls so early ? I thought it was tomorrow...;) Hey, send me ur phone no. once to my mail. Busy solving my sys. problems.

Shruti said...

hey, thats really funny...
anyways..take care..

Sush said...

AN: It does happen and not just once every time, every time the phone rings after S has slept :)).

Caps: Nope, in general kooda adey gola.. lechi karatey phose petti koorchuntaadu atu itu choostu :))

Shruti: Welcome :)

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