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Apr 13, 2007

Ufff... These Alphabets, numbers, and Colors!!!! SS in US - 6

After I was done with learning alphabets and digits in my pre-KG and KG classes, I thought I was done with learning about them... how wrong was I?? My tryst with these numbers began when my scheduling for visa appointment started and I guess the saga would continue for as long as we are here. L1, H1, B1, F1, K1, L2, H4....phew!!!! for any application, I this and I that (I-xxx), and on top of it the color green and its ultimate lure, the green card... sigh!!!!!!!

The fact that we are called NRAs(non-resident aliens) was intriguing initially because with my limited English vocabulary, my sub-conscious mind associated the word alien with the extraterrestrial creatures :)). Well, I cannot really complain about it right!!! It is we who decide to come and stay here for whatever reason it is, then we better follow what the norms are, cant really be complaining while enjoying the fruits of it. I really agree now with what I seem to be hearing quite often since childhood... America is truly a land of opportunites or maybe I am saying this because it is the only place I have been to outside of India!! Before you patriotic guys out there catch my throat for making such a statement, I love India and do not intend in anyway to demean the opportunities there, I know we as a nation are rapidly becoming a force to recon with in terms of technology and services.. if only we were environment conscious!!!!!


Kalpana said...

Ade Globalization. :)

priya said...

When we live in two different world, we gotto love the place which feeds us and where we where born isn't it.

Sush said...

Caps: yo!! :)))... miss u

priya: so true.

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