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Apr 9, 2007

Why and What????

Hmmmm... why is it that we want exactly what we do not have at the moment.... as a kid, I wanted to grow up fast; as a student, I wanted to work and create a stature for myself in the society; when a professional, I wanted to get back to studies; when a working woman, I envied the housewives and wanted to have some free time wherein I can relax and spend some time for myself, pursue my hobbies and interests and FINALLY when I have it all (loads of time on hand, a lot of resources to do anything I would like to, a nice home)... I want to get back to work!!!!!!

What do I actually want and when will I actually feel content... whatz the purpose of one's life, just leading it?????? Hey Caps, same pinch we are on the same boat now :)).


mommyof2 said...

when you find the answer make sure to post it here;-)

Jeannie said...

Hahaha I am pushing 40 and I still can't make up my mind what I want to do. ;))) Love your blog, Sush! Miss you!

itchingtowrite said...

sometimes i just crave for leisure, ocming back home early from office & then i think of the terrible 2s @ home & feel office is much more relaxing

Kalpana said...

Hey sush, as I read, I felt u're reading my mind. Yes, we are now sailing on the same boat. :)) Atlast! ;)

Sush said...

Mof2: Mission Impossible -III :)))).

Jeannie: I took inspiration from your Trini blog buddy.... miss you too but will surely catch up with you before I move back to India..

ITW: Life again... sigh!!!!

Caps: I know.. I can imagine your evil smile when you read this... like ippudu telisindaa??? :))

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