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Apr 12, 2007

Why Are People As They Are...

Some times I really wonder about the human nature. Knowing fully well that there is nothing that we take back with us, why is it that a human attaches a lot of importance to worldly things. Why is one so proud to the extent that they think talking to another person is a shame or below dignity.. what the hell does that person have that the other lacks??? Arrey Bhai, agreed you are rich why do you have to look down on others and who the hell gives you the right to demean others. Earning money in improper ways such as bribery does not give one the right to feel superior, rather I would say that is the most disgusting way to lead life. Being polite to the other person does not mean that we accept all the BS that they give us.. excuse me!!! we just did not forget our manners..

I am mighty pissed off about a series of incidents that I came to know of about a relative of mine. Had always known her to be cunning and sweet when she needs help and then royally ignoring at other times. I hardly lose my temper with outsiders but had I been there in India, she would have had a taste of her own medicine. I just seethed with anger for a while and then let it go, but could not help venting my anger here... sigh!!! when will we learn our lessons? why is it that every time the other person approaches, knowing fully well that we are being taken advantage of, we succumb to it, one simple reason I see is all of us in the family do it for her husband and she thinks she is a queen and we the maid servants.. but there is a limit to everything!!!! My strong resolve.. lady you cease to exist for me.. just GO TO HELL!!!!


Kalpana said...

We can't change such people. When they experience it, they will learn it. Be cool!

Aysha said...

Very true..
I have come across such people too..

The more you tolerate them, the more they get on your nerves..

Ur right, Go To Hell is the attitude they deserve !!

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