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May 8, 2007

In The Middle of a Circle called LIFE!!!

How beautiful was the world when we were little. The only bond we knew was of our parents or the primary care providers (maternal grandparents in my case). Just eat, drink, sleep and total masti. No problems whatsoever with the grownup terms boredom, frustration, depression, etc. to deal with. The most selfish yet self-less stage of our life, very apt to say that the little bundles comes with a huge heart, so pure, so innocent away from all the malice in the world, so giving, so tender, so secure, trusting the hands that hold them, bawling and making ruckus one moment and just giving those disarming smile at the others...

Then comes the phase of education, running round and round from school to college to university, grasping the concepts of geography, physics, chemistry, math, civics.. this, that, and everything of which only 1% or less is used in what we choose for our livelihood, i.e, earning our bread and butter. Thrown into harsh reality, out of the warm cocoon, we struggle to get whatever we want money, fame, kids, family, etc. Then caring about the kids, their lives, taking care of our parents and grandparents and then watch helplessly as they leave us one by one.. kids by becoming independent and in search of their own destiny and elders to an unknown destination leaving their imprints deep in our hearts.

The old age where people become enriched with their vast experiences in life is something really precious. With the daily run for survival almost past, they have loads of time to spend with us and make our lives richer by just being in them. Yes!!! life is a full circle and I find myself in the midst of the same looking at one generation (grandparents and all grand-relatives) gradually disappearing making the next (parents and their siblings) their representatives to carry forward the family name and of course, the LIFE.


barbi said...

thats true, we are rulers of the earth when we were kids,
we wanted to gro up when we were young, when we grew up, we retrospect childhood and wish to be kids again..

my life.... said...

Sushma, i agree with u gal.... i wished i could shed those responsibilities and become a child once again but its sad that we can t turn back the clock... i loved my high school days... wat goes round comes round... Take care dear :)

Aysha said...

That was toooooooo good !!

Life in a Nutshell !! :)

sahasra said...

Thats true...gud narration:)

joy said...

too good n so true

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