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May 20, 2007

Little Big Steps, Fear Factor .. SS in US 11

Thank God for the small mercies. My OH never stops me from doing things which I very much want to. I see a lot of women being scared to get out on their own, mostly because of the spouses retricting due to fear factor. I get lectured by a few ladies in the apartment about going alone to Target, Michaels, or Steinmart which are just a couple of blocks away from home. Well, it is true we need to be cautious but not so much that we miss out on simple pleasures like walking or meeting friends is what I feel.

The other day, my cousin had a gap of 3 hrs between flights in Atlanta and I was thrilled on being allowed to go on my own!!! I went there on my own, cab and train to airport, spent some time with the kiddo, had lunch at a sandwich shop in the mall on the way back in downtown and stayed in the library until OH was done with his office work. This might not be a big deal at all for a lot of you out there but for me who is dead scared of the seemingly never-ending escalators and crossing the roads alone, it is a huge leap. I love the busy life of downtown where we see a lot of people around and for once felt a part of it, doing something on my own that is.

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