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May 3, 2007

The Mega Cooks :))

Chicken Haleem is a delicacy I love. Every year, I await the month of Ramadan for this yummy dish. I think almost all the non-veg guys from Hyderabad must have tasted it. This is considered to be a high source of energy after a day-long fasting. Making this dish is something which I have never ever dreamt of in my entire life because it has to be cooked on very low flame for quite some time in fact the whole day. I used to fast for one day during the holy month, just one day and that too with great difficulty but relish this dish almost every day if possible :).

We had this crock-pot or slow cooker in our house for quite some time which OH has bought mistaking it for a normal electric cooker. True to its name, the slow cooker takes 4 hrs to cook a glass of rice :)). Not the one to go return anything bought once, it was just lying in the house and we used to just joke around that letz cook Haleem some day, ideal for that dish and yup!! we made that thanks to persistence of OH who at any cost wanted to use the cooker at least once :).

So, we started cooking this stuff Sunday 1 p.m. and finished it by Monday 6 p.m., almost 30 hours... phew!!! but it did turn out really really well much to our delight and all the efforts seemed worth it and our friends liked it a lot too. US!! you make me do things which I never dreamt of :))

Now that we have gotten the technique to the T, so long as we are in US, we dont have to wait for a whole year, just prepare it when we feel like..


LoonFace said...

What!!!! Thirty hours?!?!?!?!?! My Mom takes three to four hours to make it

Sush said...

The actual cooktime with a normal cooker is given as 4 to 6 hrs, but we used the slow cooker which takes a lot of time, hence the delay :)

Aysha said...

Hmmm.. Looks yummy..

And gal so nice of you to fast for a day !! :)

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