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May 23, 2007


Varuna tagged me and here I go looking back at my life and putiing it out for you all out there :)

Smoked Cigarette - Once.. took one puff from my brother who is a Chimney Smoker.. yukkk!!! did not cough like they show in movies but I had this very raw and terrible feeling in throat for a couple of hours.
Crashed a Frnd's car - No such luck.. cant drive
Stolen a car - Never, no inclination nor guts to do so.
Been in Love - yup!!!.
Been Dumped - Twice.. but it proved really lucky for me.
Shoplifted - Nope.
Been Fired - Not Yet.
Been in a fist fight - yup, with my hubby and earlier with my granny.
Snuck out of yours parent's home - Not Ever.
Had feelings for someone who din't have them back - I still have towards a lot of people.. Nagarjuna is one of them ;).
Been arrested - No WAY!!.
Gone for a Blind Date - Naaah.
Lied to a frnd - yes,several times.
Skipped School -
Seen someone die - My maternal Grandma.
Had a crush on one of ur internet frnds - Nope.
Been to canada - Nope.
Been to Mexico - Nope.
Been on plane - Yup.
Purposely set a part of urself on fire - Never.
Eaten sushi - Yup...
Been jet-skiing - Yup.. in Virginia Beach.
Met someone in person from the internet - Married one ... :).
Taken pain killers - Yup.
Loved n missed someone - Yeah.. miss my granny like hell even now.
Flown a kite - Yes,long long ago when I was a kid.
Built a sand castle - Yup.
Gone puddle jumping - Yup as a kid :)
Been lonely - Yes.
Fallen asleep at work or school- School.. Many Times.
Used a fake ID - Nope.
Watched a sunset - Lots of times.. it just looks heavenly.
Felt an earthquake - No... touchwood
Touched a snake - Yup... in a snake awareness program in Bangalore.
Slept beneath the stars - Yup.. as a kid listening to Jana Ranjani from the neighbours radio and listening to granny's tales.
Been robbed - Yup.. by my maid..
Been misunderstood - yes, sometimes.
Petted a reindeer/goat - Nope
Won a contest - nope.
Run a redlight/stop sign - nope
Been suspended from school - no.
Been in a car accident - Naah.
Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one nite - Not yet.
Had deja vu - Whatz it???
Danced in the moonlite - Nope.
Witnessed a crime - Nope.
Been obsessed with post-it notes - Nope
Squished barefoot thr' the mud - Yup, many times as a kid.
Been lost - yup.. mostly with my dad in the driving seat and twice with my hubby.
Been on the opp side of the country - Nope.
Swam in the ocean - No.
Cried urself to sleep - Yes a lots of times.. after my granny's death it was kind of a routine
Played cops n robbers - yup.
Recently colored with crayons - Yup
Sung Karoke - No listeners ;)..
Paid for a meal with only coins - Yup.
Done something u told urself u wudn't - Yup.. kya kare control hi nahin hota..
Made prank calls - yup.
Caught snow flake on ur tongue - Nope.. no snow in Atlanta.. it is HOT-lanta.
Written a letter to Santa Clause - Nope, will he accept now ;).
Watched The sun rise with someone u care abt - Yup.. with my granny.
Blown bubbles - in the exhibition.
Bonfire on the beach - Nope.
Laughed so hard u pee ur pants - Nope.
Cheated on test - Yup.. at times.
Been kissed by Someone u din't like - nope....

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Twisted DNA said...

>did not cough like they show in movies
Then you did it wrong! You need to inhale the smoke into lungs that's when it hits you!

Fun reading this tag. By the way, next time you go for groceries, look for the bubble solution. Bubbles are SO fun!

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