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May 4, 2007


One great news finally from my mom's side... she has finally cleared the accounts test and is eligible to climb up the ladder when she is about to retire in about 5 months from now. Over the years, when she had an opportunity she just did not take it up 'cos, promotion would inevitably mean transfer and that would mean disturbing our already disturbed family equation, new schools, new house, a mad rush. Finally when we were all set, her only ambition was to clear up the test just to prove to herself that she could do it and it had become a burning desire to her. I did not realize how much that mattered to her until the day before when she announced that she has cleared the test finally after a couple of attempts and failures. She was all choked up when she told me that she did it finally and after sleeping on it for a day, I have tears in my eyes too. Agreed, it is a small promotion, small test, millions have taken it before her but she doing it after braving out everything in her life andtowards the very end of her career is something which means a lot more to three of us, mom, bro, and me... Congrats mom and we love you!!!!

She has rejoiced our every little success as much as her own through all the ups and downs in her life and when she wanted something to do by herself, we were making fun of her inability to clear the test, sorry about that mom and we know as usual you would have forgiven us at that very moment..


Kodi's Mom said...

very sweet post. I hope she reads this as well. congrats to your mom!

joy said...

congratulations amma

Aysha said...

Congratulations to your Mom !!

And Happy Mother's Day to her in advance !! :)

Ramblings of a wandering mind said...

Congratulations to mum :).

It is not a small promotion or a small test that millions of others have taken. Competing with others is easy; it is competing with one's own self, which is a challenge.

Your post reminds me of my mum, who took up a regular teaching job once dad retired and both of us (her kids) were settled (as in jobs).

sahasra said...

My Congrats to ur mom....The desire makes everyone to attain it,only time to acheive varies....

Kalpana said...

Sooooo Chweet..........Congrats to Aunty....!

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