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Jun 25, 2007

SS in US - 13

Travel, adventure, fun are the three things which I can say are a little less in middle-class life in India. One thing I am falling in love about US is the concept of weekend outings, planned group outings to visit various places and enjoying nature by just letting ourselves go with the flow in that particular moment. The first thing we did when the OH got the driver's license was to go out for the long weekend for the Memorial Day. Went to Charlotte and then to Virginia from there and had the first taste of actual US. If traveling by MARTA (public transportation in Atlanta) is one experience, hitting the road and catching up with friends is an entirely different feeling. Well, we still do not own a car, neither do we want to due to the uncertainty of our stay here but still renting it on weekends is the best alternative, albeit a little expensive.

Now, when I look back I have been in 7 states in US GA (gee I live here) SC, NC, NJ, NY, PA, FL. A lot more than I ever expected I would. I realize one thing, travel expands your command over life.. it gives us a whole lot of different sets of experiences at each and every place, different sets of emotions, different people, different lifestyles. Set aside the expense factor, checking out these wonderful places makes me wonder how amazing this God's creation is.

Jun 21, 2007

This Past Half-Year...

Well, six months after I had been here, when I look back at my life, is it all the time that has gone down the drain??? Nope, not at all.. then why do I feel as if I have lost everything...

The time period between 2005-2007 has been a destruction and reconstruction phase in my life. Everything that I had based my life on previously suddenly vanished and I was forced to look at life from a new perspective and move on with what was left on hand. I lost then only stable and supporting force in my life, my grandmother, and had been exposed to many of the harsh realities in the life. Yet, I met my OH and set about a new life with new hopes walking hand in hand towards a new horizon. I have evolved as a person, the anger which was once a trademark Sushma feature is nowhere to be seen and I am a better individual than I was before.

When I keep cribbing I had been jobless for the past 6 months why do I forget that I have been building a life of my own, a home that I always yearned for, a secured zone where the OH is there to take of my every single need and be there. This is what I have always wanted and yet when I have it I search for something else. Is this human nature that you always keep looking at things you dont have at the moment and in the process fail to enjoy what you have on hand. I need to refocus my thought along these lines and be thankful for what I have rather than crib and cry for what I dont.. 'cos for sure when I have what I want to have right now, I will have another reason to crib about.. So all in all, this past half-year has been uneventfully eventful in my life and thank God for the small mercies like keeping me sane despite my propensity towards insanity :)

Life is.....

It is sooo true that..

"Life happens to you when you are busy making other plans."

Jun 20, 2007

Time Flies

It is hard to believe that it is already 6 full months since I have been here.. time just flies.. each day passes with great difficulty at times but on the whole it is hard to digest the fact that I am still sane after all these days of no work or am I????

Work Woes...

Everything seems to be good in a moment and then suddenly things go wrong, well they dont actually go wrong but they just dont seem to be right. I am confused about life with a big IF in between (lIFe). Agreed, it is all in the way we see things but how do I change the way I see and approach things is the biggest question of all.

I gradually seem to get used to the fact that I am a housewife or a homemaker or whatever is the latest trend to call it being at home doing daily chores and nothing else really constructive but browsing, chatting, and planning parties and outings with friends. Is it what I wanted out of life is what haunts me all the time. After 6 complete months in this so-called land of opportunities, I still await my work permit.. :((.. Agreed, I have a life of comfort with everything on the platter, no hardwork at all, a dream life for any person but then what am I doing with myself in a way it is useful for anyone other than me is a biiig question...

The website clearly states that if you apply for I-765 for work authorization and do not get any info for the past 60 days and complete the processing time of 90 days, you dont need to wait for another 30 days to query it, but the customer service guys refuse to see the point and ask me contact for another 20 days after keeping me on hold for 1 hour 12 minutes in total.. awwwwwww.. what the hell??? When they ask us see the website for the most updated information, do they actually do that???? I think the beurocracy is the same anywhere in this world.. the only difference being no corruption at this end of the globe or maybe I do not know it yet... sigh!!!! I just hope this EAD stuff comes to an end soon before I go crazy over it and kill my OH out of sheer boredom.. :(((

Back and Up..

Dunno for how long but my lappy is up and going.. need to take very cautious care about this one now.. had been missing n a lot of things without the net but now I have ample of time to do anything.. so itz my time now.. :)

Jun 10, 2007


There has been a calm after a storm.. after a spate of posts in quick succession, there is a lull.. thanks to the lappy trouble.. my system has been sent to repair, came back and is back at the repair :(.. so that explains the dull phase.

I know a lot of you would think and say :get rid of that silly thing and get another", well I would like to too but there is some time to do that...

catching up with all your blogs.. but just no time to post :(.. thanks for all the concern.. will be there with a bang soon..

Talented Youth

Anyone following the Indian Idol - 3 that is being aired on Sony TV these days. This year, the group is loaded with talent and yup!! like many of you out there I would like to see a girl win that title this year.. Yayy Girls!!! You can do it.. and Smita you are the most beautiful person inside out just do not let the judge's remarks on your presentation bother you...

For those of you out here who would like to watch.. HERE and HERE

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