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Jun 25, 2007

SS in US - 13

Travel, adventure, fun are the three things which I can say are a little less in middle-class life in India. One thing I am falling in love about US is the concept of weekend outings, planned group outings to visit various places and enjoying nature by just letting ourselves go with the flow in that particular moment. The first thing we did when the OH got the driver's license was to go out for the long weekend for the Memorial Day. Went to Charlotte and then to Virginia from there and had the first taste of actual US. If traveling by MARTA (public transportation in Atlanta) is one experience, hitting the road and catching up with friends is an entirely different feeling. Well, we still do not own a car, neither do we want to due to the uncertainty of our stay here but still renting it on weekends is the best alternative, albeit a little expensive.

Now, when I look back I have been in 7 states in US GA (gee I live here) SC, NC, NJ, NY, PA, FL. A lot more than I ever expected I would. I realize one thing, travel expands your command over life.. it gives us a whole lot of different sets of experiences at each and every place, different sets of emotions, different people, different lifestyles. Set aside the expense factor, checking out these wonderful places makes me wonder how amazing this God's creation is.

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