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Jun 10, 2007

Talented Youth

Anyone following the Indian Idol - 3 that is being aired on Sony TV these days. This year, the group is loaded with talent and yup!! like many of you out there I would like to see a girl win that title this year.. Yayy Girls!!! You can do it.. and Smita you are the most beautiful person inside out just do not let the judge's remarks on your presentation bother you...

For those of you out here who would like to watch.. HERE and HERE


Mumbai Guy said...

I have been following Indian Idol and I agree, we have some good talents. Smita is a beautiful person and I dont know why judges have to point out her beauty factor. Alisha sounds like complete bitch to me.

my life.... said...

wow! u mean they are carrying out something like the American Idol? cool! wow! its so nice to have an Indian Idol out there... keep me updated on this Idol babe:)

Aysha said...

Yeah.. I too hope a gal wins this time..

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