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Jul 14, 2007

The Aftermath..

It is really nice when we go out for a vacation. The plans that we make, the places that we visit, the people that we meet, everything is so nice and perfect but God, it is so difficult falling back in to the routine.. We had been to NY for a real long 10-day trip, planned it some 4 months ago. The trip had been total masti for us and total tiring to our friends who had been hosting us for that Long time.

Got used to the luxury of not doing regular chores or cooking and being with friends playing, shopping, visiting new places etc.. Now, after coming back, even though it has been a week, I am yet to fall back into the old pattern. The house is full of small bugs which refuse to go despite of two pest-control treatments :((.. the weather is gloomy and so are my spirits as I am still awaiting my EAD after 7 months of stay in US.. :((((.


Apple said...

Hey Sushma..I'm feeling the same...Falling back into routine after a series of different activities is really a tough job...'ll be ok very soon...TC

joy said...

hey nice to c u back. tell me abt waiting for 1 1/2 years now its still alluring me hope to get back on my feet again real soon

Kalpana said...

I know, getting back to the normal routine is not so easy. It takes time and it is common. Don't worry. Hoping, u get it soon.

Aysha said...

Wow.. New York !! :)

Hope, you had a great time..

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