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Jul 16, 2007

A Humbling Experience..

I had been to a live dance concert as a child once but I had never ever been to one since then, so when there was a chance to do so, after pestering my OH and grouping up with some friends from Virginia and NC, we went to the AR Rehman's Third Dimension Tour that happened in Atlanta last month 23rd. It had been postponed and maybe that was the reason the show was not a total sold out but it was really amazing just being there. The music system, the energy in the participants, everything is so bustling with energy and high spirits that it soon caught up with us.

Most of the songs were Tamil, which I dont speak but since we had the same songs in Telugu and Hindi as well, we sang away to glory in the language we knew and no one really seemed to bother about the language. Even the extremely shy OH dancing away to glory speaks volumes about the show. The whole gang had fultoos fun and Vandemaataram at the end was the highlight. Missed Chitra in the show but Sadhana, Hariharan and the rest were too good to complain.

Watching Sivamani play the drums was really a dream come true for me, I just wished it would go on and on for longer time.

I was never really a big fan of Rehman. In fact, I dont like his songs from the first time, his music just grows on me as I listen to it. I just merely acknowledged him and his hit score. But seeing him perform, he proved it once again that all great things come in tiny packages. He was so unassuming, simple, and involved in his music and that made me re-think again!! Man this guy is so simple and humble and that moment I became a big fan of his. "Pray For Me Brother" was too good a rendition. Man, you have one loyal fan in me now!!! This man simply rocks!!!


Aysha said...

I know..
Rahman Rocks !! :) :)

Kalpana said...

Yup, for me it rocks slowly.

joy said...

i really enjoy his songs esp those from dil se ....i love em

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