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Jul 17, 2007

My Kitchen Experiments!!

As a child, I always took it for granted when my granny used to make us whole lot of delicacies.. canfuls of chekkalu, kobbari boorelu, paala kovalu, kajjikayalu, karapposa, boondi, etc., etc. Hats off to their patience, cooking stuff on "kattela poyyi" (stove made of clay and which uses wood as fuel).. Yesterday, carrying forward my amma's legacy I decided to make chekkalu, (made of riceflour, butter, green chillies, ginger, chanadaal, salt, etc.)

With a little help from a friend and the OH, I managed to make the process a success and I miss Amma now, just felt like giving her a biiiiiiiiiiiiig hug and kiss and say thanks to all that she has done for us all the years. I love you Amma.


Rice Flour 4 cups
Green Chillies 6 big size.
Ginger 2 inch piece
Jeera 2 tbsp
Saggubiyyam (sabudana) 1/2 cup.
Yellow lentil 3 tbsp
Chana Dal 1/4 cup
Salt per taste
Butter 3/4 stick.
Hot Water to mix the contents.
Curry Leaves

Soak the lentil and dal for 1 hr, drain the water and keep aside.
Grind the chillies, ginger, curry leaves into coarse paste (quantity can be varied as per the taste)
mix the contents into dough without lumps.
make small balls and using a hand or the poori presser just make them into small rotis.
Heat the oil and fry...

Yummy Yummy Chekkalu ready.. easy to make!!


Kalpana said...

choooooo chhhwweeeeeeeeetttttt.

joy said...

looks delicious lemme try it

my life.... said...

hey gal, i shall try out this recipe... thanks for the recipe...

paru said...

i couldn't find you using saggubiyyam in the bolg though you've mentioned it in the ingredients list. can you clarify as to where to use the sago?-paru

swetha said...

You have to soak the saggubiyyam also. I prepared by mixing with out soaking and it was a complete flop.

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