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Jul 19, 2007

Stooping Low!!

There are times when a person gets carried away with insecurities, fears, and some times about the most trivial things in life to the extent that it ruins his/her peace of mind. Why does one have to stoop to such a low level, below dignity, to do and say stuff which they dont really meant to but have just been triggered by some inconsequential fear. Why is that there is no control over the mind when in panic and tongue when in anger? When is that I learn will ever learn to hold my thoughts and feel secure!!! What is it lacking in me to gain that unique power of letting things go and stay undisturbed by every little thing that happens!!

God Grant Me the Serenity To Accept The Things I cannot change,
Courage to Change The Things I can...
and Wisdom to know the difference.


sahasra said...

I too....
Why don't we speak out if someone comment us???
Where is the voice???I'll be speechless!!

Kalpana said...

It happens...

For Evil Eyes on LO