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Aug 5, 2007

Deep Blue Sea...

For the past few days, I had been at the bottom of the deep blue sea ;)... blues, that is the worst phase in life.. nothing seems right, everything seems wrong.. listless, spiritless, and mostly felt like lifeless. Reason?????? My overactive hormones I guess :).. well, that is the easiest blamable target 'cos it is so true that no external factors can bother you unless you let them affect you and these days I seem to be extremely vulnerable.

For clarity sake, the hormones mentioned here are the general estrogen stuff, nothing else.


Twisted DNA said...

Is there a specific reason you are mentioning your hormones? :P

Sush said...


Not yet :)

Apple said...

hehehe..I wanted to post the same question to you...:)

my life.... said...

Yo sush, i did feel like that a few times... sometimes for no reason, i feel down... but then i will just go out somewhere to divert my downess.... maybe would go out with frenz or church or even shopping that does lift up my spirit... hope u are beter:)

Kalpana said...

Sush, just calm yourself and relax.

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