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Aug 22, 2007

In The Moment...

Living in the moment.. Is it possible as a grownup??? I am beginning to realize.. NOPE!!!

Why are there grudges hanging around, egos looming larger than individuals, hypocrisy reigning the life. Why are people so concerned about a dead person and rituals thereafter when one does not even bother to enquire about the well being when alive. Strange world and stranger customs.

It so happy to see the kids living a hassle-free life not having to bother about anything, I so long to be one. I guess living with childlike innocence is just not possible with so many people questioning the motives with their own fears and feelings and rubbing them on others. I pray the people get freedom from finding happiness by inflicting their opinions on others, transferring their fears and their own malicious motives as other unsuspecting individuals. Sigh! will average person ever change.. nope I need to change myself to steel myself from being affected.

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Kalpana said...

I think it takes time for people to change. Be cool, buddy.

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