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Aug 19, 2007

There Goes...

Me and the OH religiously follow Indian Idol-3. Both of us wait eagerly refreshing the website for new episodes to be posted. I was hoping for a girl to be in top 3 at least. Twice so far, it had been the guys ruling in the contest and actually speaking in the contestants left, I wish Emon wins the title and deservingly so.

With Charu, Deepali, and Finally Puja being voted out, I dont see Ankita hanging out for much longer. No offense to her talent but if music is taken into consideration and not just the performance, she should have been out quite a few episodes ago. She is sure a terrific performer but the rest of them, I feel, with my limited knowledge, sing a lot more melodiously..

Anyways, since I dont vote, I cant blame those who do and vote out the deserving ones.. but just pray Emon hits the bullseye.


Altoid said...

Yah, was rooting for Dipali and Puja and lo! both got voted out. My hopes are pinned on Emon and Amit. Ankita, totally agree, she has potential for being a good performer but her vocals arent very strong nor consistent.

Kalpana said...

Hey, you are a great follower.

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