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Aug 22, 2007

Too Many Changes..

There has been so much to say and so much that I had been feeling over the past few days but just could not time or inclination to post anything.

Too many updates
Resigned my Indian office :(
Got my EAD and SSN :)
Improved Cooking :)
My best buddy Caps in US :))
Got a job in the US office :)
Tensed about the training starting on 27th. :(

I feel free and am looking forward to the day my training starts.. just hope things go good and I regain my confidence and perform well.. Amma, I need your blessings.

Away from the job, I realized its importance and what it means to me in particular. For me, it is a sense of liberation and freedom not that I lack it now, but the job security is something else altogether.

Remind me all my 8-month struggle if and when I crib about being overworked.


Kodi's Mom said...

hey cool!! congrats! I didnt realize you'd transferred job hunting - that shud make it soooo much easier.

here's to cheerful times :)

Kalpana said...

There is nothing to get tensed. You will perform well. That's my confidence on you.

Kalpana said...

Me too very much happy. I just feel like I am with you.

Kalpana said...

And you are with me.......:))

Apple said...

Congratulations dear...wish you all good luck for your work ahead

sahasra said...

Congratulations!!! It's time for Celebrations

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