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Sep 13, 2007

Any Difference??

Well, how different is working after marriage??? This is one question the people I knew prior to marriage ask me..well, it is a lot more different now.. to explain that I need to get in a little more deeper.

My job is such that it needs a lot of concentration and undivided attention while proofing the medical reports (I am an MT remember). When in office, there is obviously such an environment to be able to perform the task on hand but when working from home, it is a tough balance. People don't realize that you need to really work to get paid. They just see the good pay, the comfort of not going to office in the traffic, and working any time you want to. All that perks aside, it really is difficult working from home, getting into that mood to work, working in solitude, and no one to talk to in person while at work really gets to you after some time. Fortunately, back at home I had a good balance of everything, a separate room all for myself, and a friend circle from the same profession who understood what is actually needed. Life back then was royalty!! the day beginning with dad making fresh pomegranate juice, mom making the breakfast, coming back from office (we stay in her office campus) to serve hot lunch and then evening snacks. No household responsibilities nothing!!

Well, compared to that life my work has obviously doubled up but I don't actually feel the difference as of yet because I am still in the training phase and the workload is relatively a little less initially. I see more order in life now, wake up on time, cook properly, eat regularly on time, keep the house clean, and maintain it. The social network has cut down gradually but I don't really miss any of that. Sometimes a little hectic, but I am actually content the way it is going. I appreciate the work, the off, the people, and even OH more than I did earlier. My mind is a lot more clear of negative thoughts and that is the best part. I am not scared or worried about anything. Job, I think, gives me the feeling of security and stability. Marraige gives that sense of security too but standing on one's own feet along with the support system actually makes the vital difference.


Kalpana said...

Yup, very true, Sush........

Apple said...

Hmmm...I agree with you..Haven't worked before I dunno abt that phase..but working after marriage is totally different..balacing household chores, spending quality time with hubby while trying to acheive the work related progress is a challenging task, but good..well, once we have kids, I feel that's a more challenging task

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