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Sep 12, 2007

Me, Work, and Off :)

One thing that I missed about work when not working is the anticipation of the weekend or the weekly off. I did not really appreciate all the free time that I had on my hand when I did, but now when I work and am occupied constructively for most part of the day, there is much more order to the life and I truly appreciate those precious 2 days. After a long long time, I had that feeling this past week.. oops weekend!!! I love it!!!!
I love the feeling that I FINALLY work.
I love the feeling that I get a break.
I love the feeling that I am no longer a parasite just killing the time doing nothing and trying to keep myself from going crazy.
I love the sense of doing something useful.

Most of all
I love being myself!!! because without realizing work has become kind of my identity and I missed it like hell.

Added Bonus!!!

I work Tuesday through Saturday which I think is the best part of the deal. Sunday to chill out with OH and Monday for the essential exclusive "Me" time. This way OH gets to have his space on Saturday and me on Monday :)).

This might seem strange, but I need some exclusive "Me" time to feel refreshed and look forward to life, not that I dont like the time spent with OH but it is just how I am, I need to be Me to go on. Call me crazy, cranky, or nuts but I cant just survive without that personal space.. I actually do nothing really personal or whatever in that time but the mere thought that I can spend it however I want gives me immense satisfaction.


Kalpana said...

Good Go, Sush...........

Apple said...

You took my words sush...I too feel like having time for myself atleast one day a week..

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