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Sep 14, 2007

On nature and moods...

Why the hell are there these mood swings in humans??? one extreme to another, the balance is something which is rare and shortlived!!!

This adds another question to the long list of to be answered, unanswerable ones.

Why cant a person's feelings be independent of another's. The human mind acts so differently. It always wants to control the other person's life, mind, feelings and everything, well to make things clear when we dont listen to our own inner self why the hell do we expect others to do things according to our wish. Why does a person need to exercise control over the other???


Kalpana said...

It happens sush. No idea, why? It is hard for a person to be under control of some one. I have a doubt, can a person who controls be under control of whom he/she controls?

Apple said...

Human tendency Sush..we are social creatures...there shld be and would be some influence of others on our outbursts..if not we may need not have the necessity of a person beside us in any moment of life...that's how I relate to my mood swings :)

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