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Sep 12, 2007

NY and 9/11...

This post is going to bring together two very different emotions that I had been through when I visited NY.

Had been wanting to do a post on NY for quite some time now, actually since the time we had been to NY in July. I loved all the skyscrapers and the busy life there, not a dull moment any time in that huge place. Now, those who know me in person know that I am a bundle of contradictions.. one such example is I like peace, calm, quite and serene atmosphere but at the same time the busy crowded, fast-paced downtown life is something which I would love to be part of. We had been to our friend's place near White Plains which was located in a place which is an easy drive from the busy NY life and also Bear Mountains which is full of greenery, the kind of place where I actually want to live in.

Whenever I watch Friends or Law and Order or catch some glimpses of Sex and The City, King of Queens, or for that matter most of the programs on TV, I know I have seen them and been there. All the life seems to be in and around that place. To me, it is the most happening place that I had ever set my foot on. Standing in Times Square at 9 p.m. on a weekend I felt like I am in the ocean of people, so many different people, different races, languages, busily carrying on their with their lives, all together at the same place but each in a world of their own.

The one thing that almost brought tears to my ears is the fact that we were near the Ground 0 or the place where the twin towers stood. I felt like I relived the moment that I saw on the TV. That image of smoke through one tower and a fireball through another, is probably etched in my memory forever. I could not even bring myself to imagine what the people present there at that particular moment would have felt at the impact and that chaos, not knowing what has happened or what would happen.

Being here on 9/11 this year, six years after the actual event, I got to know a lot of things which I never even try to find out back in India. The conspiracy theories, the people still struggling with the fact that it had happened at all, the victims who are yet to be identified, the rescue workers and the nearby residents suffering from chronic illnesses arising from all the rubble and dust... a lot of things that just make me wonder WHY???? WHAT DOES ONE GET OUT OF ALL THIS??? so many questions unanswered, so many new questions that arise, so many questions that will probably never be answered.

Back in India, when it actually happened, it was just another disaster that happened in the world, nothing that actually bothered me because no one I knew was involved and it did not change anything in my immediate world, nothing really!! I dont really know what to feel now.. just consider Ignorance is Bliss and carry on with life undisturbed.. NOT until something happens that effects me and my family or DO something to make a difference.. God!! why am I so helpless or am I really?? This is the internal conflict in me which makes me question my very existence when it raises its hood, but most of the times it is dormant..


Kalpana said...

Yup Sush, we all go through these differences.

Apple said...

Well written dear...'ve been to NY once and was left with the same kind of thoughts for a phase..

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