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Sep 21, 2007


Religion to me is something I have come to identify myself with. There has been no control on what I was born into but I have decided to go with the one I was born into because I was taught to believe every religion has its own significance and for me, it is like okay in this life let me carry on with this one :).

I am not overtly religious or superstitious. Prayer of any form to me is to bring peace of mind and some clarity to my cluttered mind. Church or a Temple when I am there I feel that powerful sanctity around me. Mosque, I had never been to, so cannot say. I cringe internally when I see people abuse any religion... well, well, why am I talking about all this, no specific reason, I am not here to champion any cause or ridicule any belief, just to put in my random thoughts and beat around the bush for a while.

I feel bad when someone questions my motives or intentions. My feelings are hurt real bad when the question of why do pooja when you dont respect the husband.. excuse me!!! My idea of respecting a person, be it husband or any one is to respect him as an individual and be honest and fair to the other person, not act "you are my God".. gimme a break, I can assure no one can think like that 100% of the times. When i say something it is because I have the freedom to say so or at least i think i have when I realize I dont, I wont.. that is it!!! At least I am not like those hundreds of housewives who do pooja for the gold, clothes and showoff or mint money from the husband and the family in the name of customs (I have seen loads of them myself).

Awww... now that I have come out with what I have been feeling for a while I feel good.. :).. so true, blogging is really therapeutic just like the spring cleaning. :)

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Kalpana said...

100% right madam.........Very true...

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