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My world comprises of LO the little one, OA the other adult at home, kiddo the brother :)

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Oct 22, 2007


Family is something which really matters to an individual, that is where we spend our formative years and their decisions, good or bad, will have a profound impact on the rest of our lives. There are times when I wanted to take a break from my own and rather be left alone but then again, heart is where home is (for me at least). Just when I think I am done with all the responsiblities and have a life of our own (me and OH) I feel this absolute need to go back and check on my mom. Well, for some it might seem extravagance, less-thoughtout action, not-needed thing, a big financial dent, etc., I think it is the least I can do for her, be there on her retirement and see to it that she is settled well after her long service to the office and the family. So, here I go after a lot of thought, agreements, and disagreements to be there with her at the time that is really a turning point in her life, which leaves her at cross-roads to make some crucial decisions. If nothing I would just be a pillar to lean on and just be there!! Old school of thought says parents are the son's responsibility, so that leaves my brother with the load, well I feel it is high time he takes up some too and I take a back seat, but still I think it is my duty to be there, a moment which I would never want to regret missing. Wish my mom good luck and a good life after retirement!!! Miss my amma all the more :((

The eternal India US debate

I think this must be the most common thing guys out here going to India face... being loaded with stuff to be handed over and last minute purchases no matter how long earlier the trip had been planned!!!

It is really amazing how people expect us to land with costly gifts and take it for granted that it costs us just the same as it does there!! Requests for digicams, handycams, ipods, watches, handbags,perfumes... aaah!!! those lists.. come on we can get the same stuff back there and you can pick whatever you like more.. it is all the more irritating when they say bring it and we will pay for it!!! aahh,bring it, listen to the comments as to how they would have gotten a better piece for a lower price in India and then wait eternally for them to pay back!! Thank God, our immediate families and close friends are not in that category, but you know the others best to ignore!! I have seen a lot of victims of such, people requesting digicams as if it were chocolates.. FYI, we earn the money too... no one gives it free even in US!!!!! I feel so bad for them.

After coming here, it is true we earn a lot more than the indian counterparts but we need to spend in dollars too and why do people forget that!! We slog here day and night to work in the offices and at home doing everything at home ourselves with no help whatsover from others. Tell me how many of the people out there clean toilets,wash dishes, iron all the dresses by hand (aww the maid, dhobi, curry point, home foods luxury). Agreed we are here knowing that fully well, but i think we need to at least keep something of what we earn here out to ourselves!!! So cribbers out there,just rethink!!! Being in US is not a luxury, it is a difficult choice that we make for a little better,pollution free, corruption free life!!

When I go back, I wont regret going back there but I do have a better understanding of why people chose to stay back here!!

Movies Of Late!!

All the talk and hype about Happy Days, watched it,it is yet another paisa vasool movie from Sekhar Kammula.. out and out feel-good entertainer, made about the engg and s/w aspirants, the very-in-people after the s/w hype. I for one,had not been to a college other than for intermediate (distance education by choice), so it was a good learning experience, but could see OH associate with it :).

Athidhi.. Amruta rao looks so yuckkk in the first half with some garish makeup and outfits but that is one cute on-screen pair.. violent to the core, illogical to the point, it is a mass entertainer made just for die-hard Prince fans..I see myself moving away gradually from his regular follower bandwagon!!!

Oct 9, 2007

Time Flies..

There was a time..

When I was just lazing around doing nothing and someone to take care of my every need and then there came a time when I was slogging out to make a name and place for myself in this world and marched on.

I feel so ancient at times..

The cricketers I knew and followed were Jadeja, Kumble, Srinath and the ones I liked a lot were Kapil and Vengsarkar.

Fairytales, Spider Man, Mahabharath, Ramayan, Vikram Betaal, Tom and Jerry, Micky and Donald were my favorite TV programs.

Chandamama, Bala Mitra, Tinkle, and Archies Digest were my favorite books.

Gorbachev, Jail Singh, Kumud Ben Joshi, Margaret Alva, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Regan, Saddam (you heard it right) were my favorite leaders.

Tape recorder was my favorite gadget.

Now, looking at the kids these days, I wonder even if they know such things even existed. Well, looks like I already started my late 20s blues :((!!!

Get a Grip

Internet has come kind of late into my life to be precise, I just used net to mail and at times chat with my friends who were out of India that too once in a while. Google was the only website that I used to visit regularly and got hooked on to in the work hours, nothing else.

Now, when I look back, everything I do is in and around net. I sometimes feel that the situation is out of control and I need to get a hold on life, get a grip on what is mine. I end up postponing doing necessary things just to catch a glance of some blog or check the communities that I am a part of in Orkut to see what is happening there and come to senses only after hours and hours have passed. Now that I am working from home and needless to say working from home calls for a lot of self-discipline and self-motivation as it is very easy to get distracted, I need to cut down by non-work browsing hours to bare minimum. I badly need to!! Well, for the starters let me not log in to the personal laptop as soon as I wake up and even if I do, just switch off the lappy when at work.. at least for those 8 hours.

I am really amazed when I see loads of working people manage to take time out at work and participate so actively in all the forums, maintain blogs, take care of kids, family, etc. Well, hats off for all of them to be able to do so, I for one am just not made for it... I better cut down my on-the-net time!!

I SHOULD stick to this rule no matter what!!!!

Seasons of Life...

It is very true when one says travel expands one's knowledge. I have gathered a lot of information and I guess a much better understanding of life in general after I came to US. I have learnt to watch and understand everything silently and am slowly learning to keep my opinions to myself and pondering a lot before I actually speak up.. well cant say I have succeeded yet but yes I have started trying!!

I like the leaf life cycle over here, very similar to a human life cycle going through every phase in life at a particular time. Even though the fall has not arrived full-fledged yet in Atlanta, it is beginning to show and I am glad I am here to see all these beautiful moments. Thanks to OH for taking me through all these phases. It is hard to believe it is almost a year... 10 months since I have left home, not seeing anyone back there in person.. well, this feeling that it is our home has set in. Not that I am singing the US tune just like every other person, I like this place a lot more because it is the first home we as a couple have set up. Whereever we are, I think they will always be secondary. This is the place where we actually began life, understanding each other and bearing each other's mood swings and trying to make a life of our own for the rest of our lives.

Crazy, Lazy....

There are days when I just don't feel like doing nothing, not that there is lack of energy or anything but just don't have the inclination to do anything. Those are the days when yours truly comes up with such crazy ideas :).

Cook rice, mix up the curries, pickle, rice, etc into bowls and that whole day whenever any one of us feels hungry, just take a little into the plate and savor it :))).

I guess when it comes to laziness, I am one of a kind :)

Kitchen Experiments :)

Inspired by caps' cooking, I have tried this one out and yup, it has turned out really well :)

Butter Chicken :)

Prawn fry is something that I loved as a kid, especially when made by my ammamma. When I first tried it over here with deveined and boiled prawns, the smell was yuccckkkky.. but after improvising bit by bit, boiling the prawns in buttermilk, turmeric, and salt for while to eliminate the odor, etc., I ultimately got yummy yummy curry :) this time around. This US is making me doing what I never ever dreamt that I would be doing, experimenting with recipes and mastering them :).

Prawn Fry.

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